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Differences are Variety

Remember that we are all different, I think variety is the spice of life, lets start enjoying it. Embrace who you are and hey if you really want to make things hot in the bedroom find out what kind of kink she likes and explore your options.

What is the Average Size of a Penis?

Common Sense and Keeping It Real

Ok, First off I'm not going to write this in agreement with any argument where it matters or it doesn't. Lets just be real here... I did some research on hubs and I found that like more than 80 percent of them that related to penis size or enlargement were all written by men. I'm a man and yes I've asked myself (do I measure up?). It took me a while to realize that it didn't matter really. All people are different! From fat and skinny to athletic and muscular, you may be tall or short, or you may have big feet and small hands, you may have big ears or a big nose... do those things really matter? NO!

The reason they don't matter is because they have no relevance. Your penis size is not what makes sex great (the largest sex organ is not your penis, it is your brain)... yes a very small penis may cause you problems when trying to preform in the bedroom; but really how small does it have to be in order for it to be that big of an issue? I mean heck I bet there are guys with penises to big for most women to handle! Imagine being that poor guy. He may be king of the urinals at Mc Donnalds but in the bedroom she probably feels intimidated and turns him down.

Thinking your unit is small is really a matter of low self-esteem. Would it shock you to learn that the average size of an ERECT penis is actually only 6 inches? The second largest number for an erect penis is 5.5 inches. Wow, it's not the seven or nine inches you read about or see in porn films and magazines. The larger or smaller ranges of less than 2 inches and larger that 7.5 are really quite rare. Now I remind you that those numbers are when fully erect. Your penis may seem smaller when it is flaccid, if you were expecting it to be an elephants trunk when limp then you've got more issues than I can go into here.

I want to dispel the myths... women will have sex with you if they find you attractive and yes if they want to. It won't be them saying, "Oh my! Let me find my magnifying glass" We men seem to impose our own views about sex on women. I'm sure there are some size queens out there... but really would you want a woman that is only satisfied by a penis that is overly large and potentially damaging? That is how I view it. Now I hope I haven't offended anyone, if having a bigger penis will help you feel better about yourself then I say it's all about being happy and do what you want. I just get sick of seeing how penis size is such an issue with guys. Let us move past this issue fellas...

If you really want to change the size of your penis there are many ways to do so.

  • Plastic surgery
  • Pills
  • Penis pumps
  • Jelqing device

Look them up and I'm sure you'll find them. Good Luck and God Bless.

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Sweely profile image

Sweely 7 years ago

Great hub. It contains 100% genuine information. I work as a doctor in Washington, and when I stumbled upon hubs telling people to enlarge their penises, I just had to read through them all. You won't believe how many hubs there are that just are trying to promote penis enlargement products that don't even work!

/ John, owner and founder of http://www.gigantiskpenis.info

Cow Flipper profile image

Cow Flipper 7 years ago from Southern Oregon Author

Thank you for the comment. There is so much stigma out there about so many things. I just think it is best to accept who you are and to only make changes when your health is concerned.

IntimatEvolution profile image

IntimatEvolution 6 years ago from Columbia, MO USA

I wrote a hub similar to this one. Really, what's up with penis sizes. To me, its all about the man behind the penis. Is he capable of using it or not. Great hub. I'm a fan!

Cow Flipper profile image

Cow Flipper 6 years ago from Southern Oregon Author

Thanks IntimateEvolution it's nice to see that a woman would tackle this topic.

Tika 6 years ago

I have to say, with all this embrace a small weenie talk, I was surprised at the judgment on women who are 'loose'. What if they just have a wide set vagina? And as unfortunate as it is, size does matter. Just as women every where are judged for their breasts or their weight or any number of superficial things, men get a small dose of what that feels like and get to be insecure about their penis size. Maybe that perspective will create a little empathy?

Cow Flipper profile image

Cow Flipper 6 years ago from Southern Oregon Author

Well Tika I'd say it is pretty superficial to think that way. I agree that the comment about loose women is a bit harsh. I was exaggerating to make a point. The entire subject of am I big enough, are my breasts large enough, am I too heavy to be sexy... these are all insecurities people have and the truth of the matter is that it does NOT matter what others think. People will be judgmental, arrogant, ignorant, and clueless. Just as your comment about men getting a dose of what women feel like.

I for one don't judge people like that. So your comment is insulting. You could say I made a judgment when I made that statement about a loose woman but come on, we both know that a woman isn't going to be loose like that unless she has been abused in some way. I do apologize for making such a statement. You are right. Everyone is different, we need to stop being so shallow and get over the insecurities we all feel because of those brash unabated fools out there who more often then not speak before a full thought and argument has formed inside their mind. I for one feel that if more people would be accepting of people despite their physical attributes this world would be a better place.

Judge on merit, personality, and actions... to judge anyone on their physical appearance is the epitome of ignorance.

ELLIOTTda MAN 6 years ago

My issue is this: I have been able to catch/confront 2 of my ex girlfriends cheating because when I would put it in, it would be "loose as hell" or too loose for what I could have possibly done. In other words, she hadn't re-adjusted from the previous guy she slept with who was obviously bigger than me. Hell, one of thos females even just came out and admitted to me she only cheated on me because of my "lack of stature". Apparently, the motion in the ocean doesn't always override the size of the boat. I still assoiciate with both of those females and they both know i , at times, look at them as hoes.

Now here I am today and I have this new girlfirend, with whom I've been CLOSE friends with and had strong emotional ties with for over 3 years before getting together and over the course of our friendship, she's told me about the best sex she's ever had came from a man who was so big, it hurt...she said he was 10.25" and THICK (claims to have measured him herself because of the curiosity) I have some shoes to fill now... We've been together for almost a year and STILL haven't had sex because I know in my heart with all my moves(I HAVE SOME MOVES), 6.75 and thin will NEVER measure up tp 10.25. But I have a big ass hurricane tongue and I use the hell out of it. Pretty much, I will do anything I can to please her: cuddling, kissing, going down, etc. However, I really won't let her even look at me...I feel so bad about it, yet I'm so ashamed at what I have. She understands my delima and has been patient with me. I've even told her if she wants sex, go get it from another guy, and I won't even hold it against her. Pretty sad...I been without sex for well over a year because that whole "size matters"vs."size doesn't matter thing"

Also, I'm a black man...I just disproved that stereotype...

Cow Flipper profile image

Cow Flipper 6 years ago from Southern Oregon Author


I'm sorry to hear about your situation but let me clarify some things for you so that you don't have to feel so conflicted about this issue. You should not feel so insecure about how large you are down there my friend. If a female is claiming to have better sex with a man with an OVER SIZED penis then she may be using your insecurities against you. Don't let the size of your penis get in the way of your sex life. Don't give her the green light to have sex with other men because you feel like you don't measure up.

Did you know that a woman's reproductive system is made to fit an averaged sized man. Even the areas of which the stimulation is reached for her to enjoy the physical act is within the first two inches of her vaginal area. This does not require a man to have a 10 inch long and super thick penis. AS a matter of fact this could cause damage to her reproductive system creating issues with her uterus. It is sad to know that this issue still looms over people.

I know you say that you have moves man but you need to talk to your woman about what she enjoys feeling. Apparently you say you are good at oral sex and that is great but you need to know what she likes as far as making love is concerned. What turns her on mentally and physically is more that 75% of the enjoyment of sex. She may really just want to go slow or maybe she likes it different but this is the exploration part of your sexual relationship with your partner.

I don't embrace the small penis, I embrace the fact that people are different. You probably all think that if I wrote this I must have a small penis but you will never know because that is only for my wife to know and she is VERY happy with our sex life.

ELLIOTTdaMAN 6 years ago

You make a lot of sense Mr. Cow Flipper, but let me just clarify that she told me about Donkey Dick while we were just friends. She's never really brought him up since we've been together so in her defense, I don't believe she was trying to use my insecurities against me. Actually, she never knew of my insecurity until right before we actually hooked up

Anyways, I agree with what you say about a panis too big can cause serious damage and the talk of the spot (G-spot) that's like only 2 inches in. I, personally, would like to be more of a filler if you know what I mean.

Cow Flipper profile image

Cow Flipper 6 years ago from Southern Oregon Author

I hear you ELLIOTdaMAN,

Well it sounds like she enjoyed sex with him but that is no reason to think she won't with you. If it has been a year since her last sexual encounter assuming your are both monogamous still and not using over-sized sex toys, then any stretching or what ever your fears of not being able to satisfy her should by now be squashed. Her vaginal area will have healed (yeah healed as in she was injured!) :/ to where she won't have that problem. Have some faith, trust, and the desire to share yourself fully with her. I'm sure when you are ready it is going to happen. As for being a filler... Well be happy with what you got and trust me you will be a filler.

ELLIOTTdaMAN 6 years ago

Cow Flipper:

I like you. You're a straight up, no-nonsense dude. In other words, you "keep it real".

Cow Flipper profile image

Cow Flipper 6 years ago from Southern Oregon Author

Thanks ELLIOTdaMan

I just believe in acceptance. If we can't accept who we are then it makes it very hard to accept others. The human race is so dynamic, we should embrace differences and build on such ideas as tolerance and acceptance. I think there are WAY to many stereotypes and preconceived ideas and bigotries out there in the world, they foster ignorance and hate towards ourselves and to others.

blueorpurple profile image

blueorpurple 5 years ago

great hub... really nice... u put a tough thing in a easy way... keep it up

naturalsolutions 5 years ago

Why do they have to get their penis large? base on study sex is 75-80% emotion. Make a sense:)

Hello 4 years ago

People generally like to put down each other because the lack security. People are insecure and believe it or not when people feel like they are better at something even if it's something minor. They feel better about themselves. It's not 100 percent their fault. Its the external factors around them, fiances, race, gender, social class. And we all love to exaggerate things that may put us on the lime light and things that put people down so that we can stay there. Hence the birth of stereotypes. Stereotypes are a double edge sword. An african man posted a rant video on you tube because his penis size cause troubles for him when his with women. He complained because his penis is small compare to the stereotype. Women flaunt him to have sex and then gets disappointed when they see the package. Worse pill companies gauges these stereotypes to earn money and men from all ethnicity buy them. Sad

Cow Flipper profile image

Cow Flipper 4 years ago from Southern Oregon Author

Well thought out response and I agree.

hellokitty4431 4 years ago

i think people think size matters in a way that exspresses a compitition agenst each other to say like u have the better end.l.


Sexy girl 4 years ago

I really don't care how big it is.my hubi has a perfect size penus I think cuz he satisfied me...I get da pleasure not all the time cuz sometimes it's just sex but when we take time it is satisfying.its not only the guy it's also the girl.

almorr 4 years ago

Great hub, that girl who complained that 6 3/4 " was too small is just kidding, I am 7", no girl I have met thinks I have a small penis.. Its just that she was used to that massive almost 11" er that guy had, normally that would hurt a woman, but there are some that can take it without any problems whatsoever. I read a blog somewhere on the Internet of a man saying he had a 16" penis, another guy replied he had a 18" penis and another 20",, OK I'll also tell a LIE and say mine is 2 feet, O I forgot I told you the truth earlier I am only 7". LOL

Sizedoesntmatter 4 years ago

I don't think it matters what size your penis is. Men shouldn't worry about the size. Women love you for what you are. Put yourself in a Womens shoes. Its all in the way it feels.

ELLIOTTdaMAN 4 years ago

What's going on Mr. Cow Flipper? Just letting you know that I broke up with said girl over sex-related issues. Quite sad lol...hoes...

AlMorr 4 years ago

I don't know why men get a kick out of saying they have a larger penis than they actually have, I do understand that most men want to have a reasonable size penis when they become adults, a recent survey stated that only men with above average penises were satisfied with their tool. When I was 14, I did not really realize that I had a slightly above average penis until I compared mine with other boys at school. One of them in particular boasted that no boy had a larger penis than him. He asked me to get an erection and compare his erect penis with mine. So he got a erection, we compared each other's erect penis, his did look big, but he gasped when he saw mine and admitted that mine was a little bigger than his, actually we were both about 7" long, but mine was a little bigger in circumference, not much, never a good idea to boast about the size of your penis, there is always going to be a guy with a bigger one.y

almorr 4 years ago

Read the story the other day of this American who has the largest penis in the world being stopped at the airport because the authority's thought that he was concealing a "weapon" in his trousers, this WEAPON was of course his huge penis, what a laugh. apparently it is 9" placcid and nearly 14" large when fully erect, he says it is his pride and joy, I bet.

Cow Flipper profile image

Cow Flipper 4 years ago from Southern Oregon Author

Well he can't help the fact he has a huge penis. Wonder if he was excited when they thought he had a gun. That would be awkward.

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