What Makes You Throw Caution to the Wind

You try to live your life according to the rules, morals, and ethics you were raised with. You try not to hurt yourself or anyone else. Then something happens. Someone close to you is hurt, someone who breaks all the rules is rewarded, or you're punished for doing the right thing. You are madder than hell, and you're not going to take any more. And this anger makes you throw all caution to the wind.

Emotions are a funny thing. Sometimes we live for them, sometimes we live by them, and sometimes we live in spite of them. We try to rule them, but they're really ruling us. Without emotions, there would be no hate, anger, tears, or sadness, but there would also be no love, joy, laughter, happiness, Living with a sense of control over your life is not a bad thing, but sometimes you just want to toss all the regulations and live for the moment.

On Spring Break my youngest daughter, who had always been deathly afraid of heights, decided to go bungee jumping. All hooked up at the edge of the platform, she realized she couldn't step out into the air. Her friends realized it, too--so they pushed her. She was terrified, exhilarated, and more fully alive than at any time in her life, and would never give up that experience for anything. She also would never do it again.

Many people drink to free inhibitions. If you throw caution to the wind while drinking and things happen that you regret, you can always say you were drunk. But if you write yourself an excuse, you're not really throwing caution to the wind, so that doesn't count.

I used to be an inhibited, cautious rule follower for the most part, but when I threw caution to the wind I really did it up. Sometimes the motive was anger; at other times it was fear. Finding out cells were dividing rapidly in my breasts even though I followed all the rules to avoid breast cancer made me angry and afraid. When doctors gave me lists of food to eat and behaviors to follow, I thought, "But I already eat like this! I never smoked, I seldom drink alcohol, I breastfed my children, there's no family history. . .I'm doing everything right! So why is this happening to me?"

That's life. It's not fair or equal, and it doesn't take morals and ethics into consideration. You never know if a truck is going to cross into your lane while you're following all the traffic rules. You never know what disease is going to enter your body while you're doing everything you can to take care of it. You never know when you're going to lose all your retirement saviings while the companies in charge of them are getting government bailouts for spa trips. So why not throw caution to the wind?

It can be good to live every day as though you'll die tomorrow. You can experience so much more of life and contribute a lot more to it. But if you live every moment for the purpose of throwing caution to the wind, you're not actually doing it anymore, as caution is no longer a part of your life.

So follow the road you've chosen, including the rules and laws. Live a life that makes you happy while trying not to cause others pain. But don't be afraid to say "What the hell," sometimes and throw caution to the wind.

Like bungee jumping, it can be exhilarating.

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cindyvine profile image

cindyvine 7 years ago from Cape Town

But I am far too scared to bunjee jump lol! Thanks for answering my request

catwhitehead profile image

catwhitehead 7 years ago Author

You're welcome--your topics are fun--I could go several different directions with them. The older I get the more apt I am to do or say things I would have been afraid of in the past.

Neil Sperling profile image

Neil Sperling 7 years ago from Port Dover Ontario Canada

I'll throw caution to the wind and ask you "will you come to my house and play?"

PSSST! profile image

PSSST! 5 years ago from Conneticut

Throwing caution to the wind is a tricky thing! You have to weigh if the possible (bad?) outcome of doing so is worth the momentary "high" of "living on the edge"! Bungee jumping? Not for me. I don't do anything that could involve physical danger of any kind. Why? It's just not FUN to me, so what's the point? Flirting with the guy at the country store...well, that's more appealing. This is a good hub because it makes you THINK!!!

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