What Say To Get A Woman?

What Say To Get A Woman?

What's the first thing you say when you meet a woman? There are some men who are very shy and do not know what to say to start a conversation. Still others are good talkers, but the chat does not take them anywhere. Or the girl lose interest or the guy gets stuck in the area of friendship. If you expect to find some "teaser bullet" or magic phrase to get any woman, i regret to say, but you will not find here. However there are ways to start and maintain a conversation that has proven to yield better results to win a woman.

Today I will present a tool called flirting routine.

"Routine is a phrase or story that you memorized after telling it several times."

You know that good joke that when you count all fall into laughter? It is an example of routine, because after repeating it several times you've become very good at telling it. But routine is a broader concept, which includes any history or phrase that you memorized.

We adapt the use of routines to be used in the conquest of women. You need something that is interesting and at the same time arouse the interest of women. Nothing like all the guys, "May i pay you a drink?"! First, a guy with attitude does not ask permission to any woman. Not to mention that you need to stand out from other guys.

I will present 3 ways to start a conversation with a woman. All have been used several times and work out.

1) Hi
Despite its simplicity, it is amazing how a "Hi" confident brings good results. Remember to have a smile, eye contact and a proper body posture. If you're shy and have great difficulty in getting started, say "Hi" to at least 5 women per day. This will help you become more confident.

2) Hello, everyone! Can you give me a female opinion?!
Women love to help others, and ask for a "female opinion" to leave curious. Ask the opinion according to what they find most convenient. If you are a mall for example, ask for help to buy a present for your sister. Ask with a certain tone of affirmation.

3) Hey, what is it that you're drinking?
For a party, ask that question and after she answer have an interesting story to tell. Preferably one that you have repeatedly told to your friends and that everyone liked. Just two things. Attention at the time of transition, not to seem that you're telling a story nothing to do with the subject. And another thing, will not ask that question if the answer is obvious. If she is holding a can of Skol and you ask what she's drinking, you look retarded.

Before you go out and meet some girls, I tell you one more very important thing:

"What comes out of your mouth is only 7% of human communication."

Yes, the numbers are right. This data is a survey conducted by Albert Mehrabian still in the 1950s. According to this study, the other 93% of communication is composed entirely by non-verbal communication, body language and voice. So don't just decorate some routines. Your body language, through posture, gestures, looks, smile and voice must be consistent with your communication.

These were just some examples of how to start a good conversation, with the intention to know, and perhaps win a girl. If you have a routine ready, that worked with you at least 10 times, post in our comments.

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