What Is Love

What Is Love

A question that has intrigued mankind for centuries, a word that has so very many meanings, a word that touches our inner self with such power that we can’t dispel it. What is Love? I have found that love comes from my inner self or soul if you wish.A powerful draw to another human spirit you just can’t ignore, a draw that will consume your outer self or mind. It has you needing this other person so much that you will do unthinkable things to retain that love. My own experience can testify to the fact that true love is powerful and those of us that have experienced true love know the difference. There is lust, which is an outer human need which lasts only as long as the act of making love. There is outward beauty which can attract when one feels left out of love;this is the initial attraction but beware this may only temporary at best.I am not saying that it is not true love because it can be, just be careful. Real love is felt all the time, every day, every minute no matter whatever else happens. The thought of not being with the one you love can leave you feeling like you can never breath again or for that matter ever love or be happy again. The truth is that true love breaks down all barriers, nothing can stand in its way. Oh, you could suppress it or even try to ignore it but it is still there many years after the separation from someone you love. If you truly love your wife or husband you must be willing to take them for who they are and not what you want them to be. Good things you are able to do you take for granted, and it may not be something your love one can do, take them for who they are not what you want them to be. Love is a two way street, give and take, it never stops and goes on forever. If you are neat and your love is not, do what you do, pick it up if it’s out of place, I do. If you are better at the finances "just do it" because there is something your spouse is better at to offset it. People are different, what a boring place this would be if we were all identical! In love you absolutely must take the bad with the good and I am here to tell you that true love can trump any problem life throws at you, anything!

Now, are you in love? Can you look past your loves shortcomings? I know you are thinking, how do I know it’s real? The first sign is in the eyes, have you ever looked deeply into one’s eyes? You will get a feeling of that love; you won’t see anything else but the eyes. The eyes are the window to your soul, the eyes tell all, and the eyes don’t lie. Your gut is a sure bet on if it’s real, and by that I mean, do you ever feel that something is not right? Go with that feeling, good or bad it is your intuition. Love will not give you a bad feeling at all, love will always give you the feeling of being wanted and fulfilling your own needs and desires. You have heard the song, “Looking For Love In All The Wrong Places” don’t look in the wrong place, look in your place. If you like church, look in church, if you like cooking go to cooking school, whatever is in your heart will be in your true loves heart. I know this first hand because I am in Love and I will never stop loving her. You have to ask yourself, how far will I go for my love? To the end of the block, a couple of miles, or the never ending road of potholes and bumps and even a flat tires along the way. In love you get around the holes and repair the tire and get on with life. I want to grow old with you and I want to die with you. Pretty powerful! That’s the way you think when you are in love. I pray you keep the one you love or find your true love because life without love isn’t life. Get on with it.

Robert Green copyright 2011

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