What is The Meaning of Love

      The question of the day is "What is the meaning of love?" This of course is what I am racking my brains on. Here, less than a month a way, is February 14th, Valentine's day. You know it has arrived when the store has their shelves filled with heart shape candies and teddy bears with the logo "I Heart You". I just want to run away from all the cards, flowers, and balloons when I see them surrounding me in every store I shop in.

     In my mind the word love means the affection you feel toward a parent, child, sibling, or your partner. That warm feeling that invades your very being and makes your stomach make flip flops, is what I call, puppy love. I have felt this when I was young and in school. I once had a boyfriend who would send me flowers or a teddy bear with a balloon that read "I Luv You". Now, I just want to scream "Ugh" and not come out of my home until the next day.

     When you are older and single, this holiday is not for you. All you want to do is hope that someday you will be among the lucky few. Who has a boyfriend or girlfriend, to share this day with. Until, than, it's chocolate bom boms, wine, and promping up your feet in front of the television watching "Love Story" or "Cassablanca." What can I say being single on romantic holidays is not fun.

     So, I guess the meaning of love is something that you have or want to have. It's the feeling between two people and allowing "Hallmark" to trade off on it, with holiday cards, balloons, and stuff animals. I don't see how this can be the meaning of love. How can a Holiday be the reason to show this emotion?

     I think I have the answer. It's not easy, or quick, but it might help. I think that the meaning of love is just not what a holiday allows you to feel toward that special someone, but a true emotion that is felt throughout the year, or your life span. It's what we feel toward our family members, partners, and good friends.

    This is my opinion on love, and whatever is your reason. Well, that is between you and your love one. So, I wish all of you and yours "Happy Valetine's Day"!


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