What is the nicest thing you have done for someone?

by Aldor
by Aldor

You will probably begin by searching for the big ones.

did you in your past somewhere do something so extra ordinary that it became a life-long memory for someone else?

I was doing the same thinking and I can assure you, at one point it became an exercise in massaging my ego.

come to think of it, I have rushed someone hit by a car to the hospital, I have helped out complete strangers, I have fed, clothed (not bathed) people, and generally I have been nice.

Its when I reverse the thinking, that the question comes alive in all its splendor.

Think about what nice things people did for you and suddenly the big ones dont jump that much.

its the small ones that make the cut and make me smile.

here are some of those:

- I was told by my high school teacher, I could do whatever I want. And to prove he meant it, he let me sit in Biology classes when I wasn't even taking Bio for my boards.

- I was riding around Goa with a friend and the bike ran out of fuel. a stranger stopped. gave us a litre from his tank, refused to accept any money and parted with the words 'Enjoy Goa'.

- I was loaned money by my friend regularly. But sometimes, I would even loan his bike, his shirt and his phone. All on the same day! nice guy.

- I was so angry at shoddy treatment and this employee stood there with his hands folded, apologizing from his heart and doing everything to make things right.

- my friend's mom making hot paranthas (indian pizza!) in the middle of the night. No restaurants and me, very hungry.

- A student's parent bringing me fresh milk from his farm.

- An ex, writing a long letter letting me know what is it that makes me lovable and what makes people want to strangle me. incase you wondering, yes I still have it even after 12 yrs I refer to it regularly.

You will be amazed how some people know you so well.

Here's my two cents.

- make a list of all the nice things people have done for you

- make a list of all the nice things you have done for people.

Strike a balance!

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