Defining the "player"

Players are..

Players are people who put their needs at the forefront and everyone elses behind them. They are the archetypal hedonists.

Players can have a devasting effect on people who do not realise this as the truth. Some players are honest about the way that they are running their lives, others are in denial and yet others are activily deceiving their "prey".

Not everyone will feel "played" by a player it really depends on whether the "player" is an honest one or not. Some people are refreshed by the truthfulness of a relationship that is all about pleasure.

How do you protect yourself from unscrupulous players... well you need to listen to your intuition.. and weigh up the evidence.. as well as be honest about what you really want..

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FRANCINE ST MARIE profile image

FRANCINE ST MARIE 7 years ago from Formerly of Heathen Peak

Anna, thank you for so skillfully and eloquently answering my question.

Best to you--


Trsmd profile image

Trsmd 7 years ago from India

nice defintion for Players..

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