What to Do After a Breakup

Breaking up is certainly hard to do. Though, life after a break up may seem even harder.

Not all relationships are meant to be. If you find that your last one certainly wasnt, dont despair. There is life after a relationship breakup. Find wonderful advice and tips for what to do after a breakup here.
Not all relationships are meant to be. If you find that your last one certainly wasn't, dont despair. There is life after a relationship breakup. Find wonderful advice and tips for what to do after a breakup here. | Source

Have a good outlook on a new connection yet to come. One healthy and makes you happy

Breaking up is hard to do. Some breakups are harder than others. A number of relationships were more serious than others and some hit you in the heart while others simply slide silently away. No one plans on it when they start a connection. Though, there are times when it’s absolutely necessary. There are times when things simply are not meant to be for whatever reason. The question is what to do after a breakup.

Whether the reason it is finally over is tied to infidelity, lying, cheating or a number of other things which makes two people incompatible it does end. This is not an article on how to get your ex back. After it is over look at it as a new beginning for each of you. When it is time to move on be prepared. These are tips to help after the deed is done and for many what to do next.

Meeting new people doesn’t mean meeting a psychiatrist

Meeting someone new you have an interest in and want to get to know better does not mean you are meeting a psychiatrists or a relationship therapist. A new companion is not there for advice on an old one. Pay for a professional therapist if you need one. Don’t end a possible connection before it begins by pouring out all the heartache felt inside to this new friend.

If your new honey asks innocently about your last one do not take this to mean you need to start a three hour monologue. Avoid starting your new found friendship on a bad note. Stay away from an appearance as Debbie Downer.

Provide a brief overview of something short and sweet. Try "I was in a relationship and now I am not". If you want to provide a simple note of why, go ahead. However, your new companion is not your psychiatrists and don’t treat them as one.

Stay away from comparisons

No two people are alike. This is part of attractions. Everyone is different, which means that your ex is not your new companion. Don’t compare exes to new friends and partners. Know that comparisons will never weigh out evenly. There will always be someone better than the other at something. Equating one to the other is bad. Try liking your new life to your old life if you must. However, don’t match one person to another.

Put your best face forward

Put your best face and foot forward when meeting new people. Don’t wallow in misery simply because it is possible. Remember, you don’t get more than one chance to make a good first impression. Positive thoughts and a positive mind make a better outlook on everything along with being healthy all around.

More importantly misery loves company. If you wallow in your misery you may soon find yourself surrounded by negative people with negative thoughts and feelings which can dig a whole even deeper.

Try to stay away from an immediate new commitment to someone else

You don’t have to be in a relationship at all times. Try not to commit to a new relationship too soon. Try being single on for size, you may like it.

Making a serious pledge of love too soon is an error a lot of people make. You begin to wonder afterward if you were actually in a state of mind which permitted a vow not tied emotionally to an ex.

Make certain you are emotionally strong before making a decision this large. It’s very easy to see someone nice and sweet to you as the next best thing in your life. This certainly is never the case. It is possible someone nice and sweet to you turns into a very good friend in the long run. Don’t ruin a friendship trying to make it into something else.

Don’t repeat the same mistake again

It’s very simple; don’t repeat the same mistake again. Learn from experience. Take the lesson a failed relationship taught you and apply it in your life and future loves. Gain from errors made in a failed relationship. Learn what to do and what not to do. Learn what is good for you and what may not be good for you. Did you learn how to treat a person and how not to treat a person?

Someone new means something new

Meeting new people and having new experiences are going to happen as you step forward in your life. You are going to meet someone new and looking back constantly is not a great way to do that. What is in the past is past. Certainly take the positive wisdom from the last failed relationship and apply it to any new found love. However, someone new is not someone old and old habits were contributing factors to the failure of your prior relations with others are best left behind.

In conclusion

Everyone has connections to others which fail. Don’t feel alone and don’t beat yourself up when it is not necessary. Take this opportunity to become a better person overall. There are even times that are necessary when you should be alone. These can be extremely beneficial not only for you, but also for the next person you want to share your life with.

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nityanandagaurang 4 years ago

Actually from break up,you learn number of things.You become mature.You become more mature in dealing with new relation.Very interesting hub smcopywrite.Interesting and voting it up.

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sweetguide 4 years ago from River side

Interesting hub and very witty. Will enjoy reading more

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thank you for the feedback. always appreciated.

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