What to Text Girls? Learn What to Text to Make Girls Want You!

What to Text Girls?

All women love to text these days, so you must know what to text girls to build attraction and make them want to see you again.

First you need to know...

What NOT to text girls:

- Generic text messages to get her attention. Example: “hey there” or “hey what's up”

- Boring mundane texts. Example: “have a great day

- Asking too many normal questions. Examples: “what are you doing?” or “what do you do for fun?”

- Overly long text messages that take multiple messages to send

- Texts that could have an unclear double meaning. Example: “hey dork ” vs “hey crazy lil brat :p”

- Anything that’s rude, mean or overly cocky (however, cocky funny is great)

- Responding negatively to anything she says

What TO text girls:

- Fun texts that brighten her day. Example: “Just wanted to start your week off on a high note by saying hi…..so without further ado…….hi!”

- Playful teasing and busting her balls. Examples: “stop thinking about me….i can feel your thoughts all over me….perv :p

- Qualification questions to screen her and show you are a challenge. Example: “Make it or break it question….”

- Playful nicknames. Examples: cutie, brat, nerdball, flaya (female player), queen dork, glitter princess, etc.

- Use emoticons and “lol” when sending texts that could have multiple interpretations. Examples: :) :] ;) :p :-)

- As soon as she shows enough compliance for the girl, use text to get her on a date as soon as possible

These are some basic guidelines on what to text girls to build attraction.

If you want to know EXACTLY what to text girls in every situation and have over 160 examples that build explosive attraction to get her to want you badly go to http://www.TextingGirls.com and get the Ultimate Guide to Texting Girls!


Go to www.textinggirls.com to learn exactly what to text girls and get 160 proven texts!
Go to www.textinggirls.com to learn exactly what to text girls and get 160 proven texts!


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