What Makes A Man Cry! Lack of Emotions

In the Beginning

It's always been said that women’s most powerful weapon is tears in a sense they use tears when needed as a defense mechanism, and it’s been said too that women’s tears are flood which swallows the best swimmers! People say that tears are only for women and they cry faster than men do, but the question is: when do men cry? How? Why?

Crying or weeping has many benefits, emotionally and physically, and it is indeed a mechanism whether used as defense or some kind of external reaction to outside fear or maybe joy! Human is the only animal that shed tears (aside of course from the famous crocodile tears…etc).

On the science thing, tears are considered a means of body cleansing where the toxins tend to slide out with the tears. That’s why (if you’ve ever cried) feel really comfortable and relieved after a weeping session. And by the way, according to some scientists, the composition of a teardrop is so complicated and amazing that tears generated out of a sad movie are different from those generated out of fear or joy.

Many people especially men consider that crying is “a thing” that women only do and crying for men is unsuitable or unmanly which is extremely wrong. Some men consider crying as weakness and they should not reveal it. Crying is a natural way of stress expression as we unintentionally release loads and loads of pressure, frustration, and many kinds of chronic anxieties due to our fast and hectic life. All the aforementioned negative emotions are terrible and inhabitants of the health as well as functions of the brain. Suppressing this natural process may really lead to a depression disorder, anger, and disorientation.

I don’t cry a lot, I’m not denying it, but sometimes, I just look for a tear but can’t find it. Is it because we became callous in the wooden age or we have now many things to worry about, more important than facing our faces in the mirror of life? I remember I was watching the movie Hachiko starring Richard Gere (which is the greatest recipe for crying by the way), and I felt there is a volcano inside of me waiting for eruption, but since I wasn’t alone in the room, I waited till the movie was over to go to the other room and LET GO.

So, it is natural and it is humane; some people cry of hunger others of love, some cry the loss of a beloved person and some of meeting a person and so on. Finally, let this be an invite to cleanse our souls a bit… Do you agree?

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shamelabboush profile image

shamelabboush 4 years ago Author

Joy56, I'm just so glad that you came here and left this nice touch. Crying is wonerful but the crying reason is the bad thing. I hope all your days are full of joy...

Joy56 profile image

Joy56 4 years ago

Men seem to cry far more openly these days than they used to, or maybe they dont feel the need to hide it any more. I saw Ringo Starr in an interview talking about George Harrison, and he just cried..... It seemed the only thing he could do, he was overcome with sadness.....

I saw a lot of footballers, cry when the footballer collapsed over the weekend..... It seems they are all showing how much they care about this guy..... He is so young, and he stopped breathing during the game.... He is now stable, but who knows what damage has been done.

Myself i used to cry easily, but just cannot cry now, i often feel if i could my health would be better, but what can you do other than peel an onion. I maybe all cried out.... Enjoyed this hub, so nice to see you around.....

shamelabboush profile image

shamelabboush 4 years ago Author

We are only humans... That's it.

Jay Rando profile image

Jay Rando 4 years ago from England

Loved this post, i think us guys tend to not want to share our feelings or cry. I rarely cry but when i cant prevent it i just let if flow, i'm only human. It only becomes bad when one over cries them self but I say bring on the feelings anyway, it only strengthens us.

shamelabboush profile image

shamelabboush 4 years ago Author

Crying is a remedy for the broken heart and soul.

jose 4 years ago

Im 38, and always felt like a heart of stone, and also behaved this way, my relatioship of 4+ years ended, she bassically got tired and bored of me, I strugled for 60 days, and could bare this parting, I ended up crying like a baby for like 1 hour, lots of tears, and now I feel so relieved and happy again, it amazing what it did for me,

shamelabboush profile image

shamelabboush 4 years ago Author

Peggy, appreciate you stopping by.

Peggy W profile image

Peggy W 4 years ago from Houston, Texas

It is wrong to teach boys to suppress their feelings where they do not feel comfortable in crying. It is a natural response to various stimuli and if suppressed will find outlets in perhaps more negative ways. It can be a good release and is certainly natural. Good hub!

shamelabboush profile image

shamelabboush 4 years ago Author

I understand this situation Moms-Secret. It's heartbreaking but beautiful.

Moms-Secret profile image

Moms-Secret 4 years ago from Central Florida

Only one man in my life has cried in front of me. It was one time only and I was so touched by it that no matter where I am or how far apart we are, he always lives in my heart.

Crying is not weakness. It is a strength. It is a purge, a rejuvenation. I enjoyed your story and loved reading it.

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