When Bad Things Happen To Good People" Part One

As my Guide Group (the “GG”) was dictating information through automatic writing for my first book, “Windows of Opportunity,” they presented some fascinating information about why “bad” things happen to good people. We all know people who work so hard, seemingly do all the right things, and then situations occur that seem so unfair and cause so much suffering, they may cause us to question our core beliefs. Many of us have experienced such things in our own lives. Is life really this unjust or are we dealing with the ultimate form of justice: Karma. According to the GG,“bad” things don’t just happen to us, we experience the lessons we personally planned for our spiritual growth during this incarnation. Here’s a little bit of what the Guide Group dictated about this subject to help us understand the unpleasant, dramatic, and tragic occurrences in our lives . . .

“Sometimes there are lessons to be learned that require harsh circumstances. Sometimes it’s necessary to experience the death of a loved one or a sickness that is prolonged where we have to take care of that loved one in order to learn and grow. The entity that dies or is sick is really helping us out of love by being sick, or by being the one who comes into this life to die so we can experience what we need to experience. We have to be very careful when labeling people as villains, or as ‘evil.’ We should look instead at the big picture by looking for script-like occurrences, and evaluating what’s happening with individual situations to see if there is a window of opportunity. If there is, and we go for it, we will accelerate learning. As we start to do this, we will gain experience in doing so. This means we will work less hard when it comes to our lessons because we will recognize them earlier.

There are Karmic debts to be taken care of, and there are growth experiences to be had. Meaning that not everything that happens is Karmic, but is planned by the individual soul to help him progress. It could be that the soul is seeking a faster progression and has chosen to undergo a very tumultuous life. You see, we are in control of our spiritual growth--no one else. Although we each do have a group of guides and advisors who work with us to make sure that we don’t take on too much in any one lifetime, we have freewill.You’ve heard the saying that God doesn’t give us more than we can handle? Well, it isn’t God who’s doing this; it’s our guides, advisors and us. God is not involved in the day-to-day spiritual development of each and every soul. We have freewill that we exercise continually.

Even when bad things seem to happen, that it’s incomprehensible that they should happen, there is most likely a plan behind it.

There are times when unplanned events do happen and they cause the Karmic wheel to begin to roll anew, and the entity that caused the pain will surely get it back; if not in this lifetime, then most assuredly in another. That is why it’s better to watch how you treat people and watch the things you do and say because most of us are not fully awake and we don’t know which things we have planned and which things are incurring new Karma for us. This is part of the process of being human. We are asleep, we try to wake up and we try to make progress. Progress is so much easier to make when one is aware of how one’s actions will draw consequences.”

This channeling provides us with an explanation and understanding of why good people sometimes have to endure difficult circumstances in their lives, and secondly, it offers a blueprint as to how we can further our own spiritual growth. Let me share with you what I personally got out of the GG’s advice on this subject:

1) It’s impossible to knowwhysomething is happening to someone else (or to us!), and so we should not sit in judgment of each other’s (or even our own) misfortunes. People probably aren’t losing their jobs, marriages, keys, etc. because they did something bad. Most likely they are experiencing an opportunity to work out past Karma, or they are involved in a situation that will help them with their personal growth and learning. We don’t consciously know which it is, although through meditation we can come to a better understanding of what we’re going through. Judging other people, and labeling them because of their experience or circumstance, is not something that contributes to our spiritual growth and soul lessons.

2) Instead of judging or labeling people, we should use such opportunities to reach out to others and lend them a non-judgmental hand—it will help them get through it faster, and it will help us with our own personal growth. These situations are what the “GG” call “Windows of Opportunity” for growth and learning.

Recognizing what we’re here to work on is a skill that we can all learn, and the Guide Group dictated much advice on this subject in “Windows of Opportunity.” According to the GG, when we are on the other side of the veil planning our lives, we first decide what we want to learn, and then we create opportunities, or windows, and place them throughout our lives so that we can accomplish what we set out to accomplish—learn what we set out to learn.

“…And that is what people do—they have many windows of opportunity to learn the same thing. The so-called life scripts we hear about are fail-safes, if you will, that enable us to make sure we learn what we came to learn; and again, so that we can progress. Each step, each window is more difficult, until you get the message, do you see? Learn the lesson on the first floor of the building instead of traveling all the way to the penthouse. The lower the floor, the easier the lesson is learned.”

When we’re on the other side writing the story of our upcoming life, we think that we will surely recognize our window the first time it rolls around, but just in case we don’t, we create extra windows for the same lesson so that we will eventually learn the lesson and be able to cross it off our spiritual “to do” list. And this is why you sometimes see people continue to attract the “same” spouse or boss or friends—even though they’re different people, they might as well be the same as the last one because they are so similar. This is a true sign of a window waiting to be recognized. And also a place where we might be tempted to be a little critical or judgmental if we didn’t know better.

Recognizing our windows is a big step forward in expediting our spiritual growth, and in Part II of this article, we’ll talk about how to recognize our windows on the ground floor instead of penthouse, so we can learn our lessons faster and with less drama and pain.


Sherri Cortland is the author of Windows of Opportunity and Raising Our Vibrations for the New Age. For more about expediting spiritual growth and raising our vibrations, please visit www.SherriCortland.com or www.Ozarkmt.com. Sherri’s books are also available at Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble.com, and Barnes & Noble stores.

Sherri Cortland, ND
Sherri Cortland, ND

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Originally from New York State, Sherri now resides in Orlando, Florida with her husband, Ted Dylewski. In the late 1980’s, while working on her B.A. in Communications at Mount St. Mary College, Sherri began taking psychic development classes in Monticello, New York. It was during one of these classes that her Spirit Guide, Jeremy, first made contact through Automatic Writing. Sherri has been conversing with Jeremy and other Spirit Guides through Automatic Writing for more than two decades. In the early 90’s, Sherri studied Herbology with Rosemary Gladstar, and went on to earn a Doctor of Naturopathy degree from the Clayton College of Natural Health in 1998.

“Windows of Opportunity” is Sherri’s first published book, and she just completed the manuscript for her second book, “Raising Our Vibrations for the New Age." For more about Sherri, please visit her website at www.SherriCortland.com.

"Windows of Opportunity" can be found on the shelf at Barnes & Noble stores, Amazon,com, and www.ozarkmt.com,


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