Finding Life Purpose when Everyone is Married and You're Still Single

Life Isn't Fair

If you are still single and all your friends are engaged, married, or even just coupled, you may be feeling a little sorry for yourself.

You've done all the right things, put effort into your appearance, into your personality... yet, still you fall short in the relationship department.

People who seem utterly ordinary were seemingly able to meet the love of their life with a fraction of the effort you have put forth day in and day out. You're probably feeling bitter and a little angry too.

That's all understandable. There comes a time though, when you need to stop wallowing in your self-pity. There comes a time when acceptance is needed. It doesn't mean you need to stop looking for Mr. or Mrs. Right. It just means you need to accept where your life circumstances have brought you now.

The world isn't fair. Some of us just aren't going to have we grew up thinking we would have.

Finding Purpose

One of our purposes in life may be to create a life despite it not meeting our expectations. That is, creating a fulfilling life.

This is 1000 times harder when we live in a culture that seems to only celebrate what we don't have.

So, your purpose may be creating a life despite all that. This may not be the purpose you wanted or sought, but that's the funny thing about life. It doesn't care!

This is it - for now. (again, no reason to give up looking for love)

Accept it. And go beyond just accepting it. Live your life now. Really live it.

You may ask how. How does one go about living a fulfilling life when it's not what they thought it'd be?


Those who have been dealt this deck of cards (the single deck), may have to make extraordinary changes to fulfill this purpose. And this is tough when we aren't anymore extraordinary than anyone else.

Can you do this? We are all capable of extraordinary lives - the involuntarily single may be just those called to the task!

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rambansal profile image

rambansal 3 years ago from India

The best in this or similar situations is to love yourself. If you are not finding love, the most probable reason is that you don't love yourself.

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