When to approach a hot girl?

When will a woman be most receptive to your advances?

Every now and again a guy will be around a girl, maybe at work, at his local coffee house, or at college say, that he might exchange a few words with but doesn't really know. Or perhaps he does know her, but only a friendly basis. When should you strike?

This article only applies if you "sort-of" know the girl already. If you don't know her at all then you need to go and talk to her the next chance you get and quit wussing out.

It is important to understand that women, even ones who are attracted to you, need to be in the right frame of mind for seduction. So, you need to choose a moment to try and take things further when she a) Isn't busy b) is in a good mood. So far, so obvious. You need her full attention in a low-stress environment.

Women tend to be at their most sexual during the middle of their period cycle, naturally, as this is when they are their most fertile. This can be quite an important factor yet I've never heard any dating guru even mention it, despite the fact it is well-known to psychologists.

It may or may not be obvious when that is-most women aren't that keen on discussing their period cycle, (though I've known a few exceptions). You may be able to work it out, she may start being a little more flirty, dress more sexily. Don't miss the window of opportunity, it'll only come once a month.

It is important to understand that women tend to be more susceptible to their basic sexual desires during this time. That doesn't mean they will be more romantic. For example, studies show women are more attracted to unshaven guys in the middle of their period cycle, and things which would normally be a turn-off like facial scars can actually attract them. Women will tend to be attracted to "bad-boy" types during this time-for this reason, be direct as possible and play up your masculinity.

Another factor rarely mentioned by dating gurus is temperature. Both men and women need a basic level of heat in order to become sexually active. If the woman is freezing cold she is basically incapable of being turned on. In scientific terms, there is a significant level of correlation between a women's sexuality and every degree in temperature. For this reason, either make your advances in the hotter months or, if the girl qualifies as a friend, choose a warm and cosy venue (real log fires have a romantic reputation for a reason).

Carefully considering all these factors will dramatically increase your chances of taking your relationship further. All that said, be aware of making too many excuses and never actually taking your chance. Provided most of the basic criteria for seduction are met you should take your opportunity and not wait for a better situation-people move on, and wait too long and she'll be out of your life forever.

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