When you are in love

When you are in love

When you are in love, you're wiling to put all your heart,emotions ad everything into it. Sometimes you go through alot of hurt and pain both emotional and unfortunately physical which I think is stupid. Sometimes we do things to the people we love that hurt them and we don't intentionally mean to to hurt them. Sometimes we get fed up that we just want to call it quits because we argue with our other halves too much.Sometimes when you're in love things go great it's not always a rough road Every relationship is different,some take a little work,some take alot of work but regardless it takes some kind of work. When you are truly in love it's worth the try. If you try and it doesn't work at least you can say you tried. It's when you fail to try you know it's going to fail.I've seen alot of relationships fail and I've seen survive many years. When asked how they made it so long they say love,trust,understanding and most of all communication and respect. Those are the key factors to making a relationship work. I know there are alot more key factors but when researched there were the five major elements for a relationship to work. A couple has to be able to sit down and talk things out without getting upset and yell. Alot of people find it easier to text it out on cellphones to avoid face to face argument but in all honesty even though sometimes it does work and sometimes it doesn't because people save texts to reuse against the other later down the road. I think face to face is the best way. The reason why I say that when you do do that you see the other person's emotions and you'll know i they are genuine or not where texting is just words. Pus unless you are in the same house when you text it's hard to make up. We all know making up s the best part. When you are in love it's worth it to put your all into your relationship.


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