Which is Better: Men or Women for the Household Chores?

The answer depends on the specific individual, of course, but we are speaking in generalities here. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, men only did 16 minutes of chores daily, while women did 52 min.

But, men are now doing more of the standard chores that women have usually done, like, dishes, cleaning floors, doing laundry, buying food. The survey also found out that 57% of the women want more help around the house that surveyed 1500 women and 500 men. By the same token, 42% of the women indicated they don't trust the guy to do a good job and they have to be checked on. Many women insist on doing the laundry because of this reason. Men seemed to like chores if it included some sort of gadget, like a Dyson vacuum.

Man chores usually include: garbage detail, yardwork, home maintenance and repair. Women chores tended to be in the kitchen, interior cleaning and laundry. The only area where both seem to do the chore is taking care of pets. Cooking is more likely to be done by the woman than a man, depending on their backgrounds. Men were found to do about 33% of the total household chores, in 1965, men only did one fifth of them!

The funny thing is that when you are single, either sex does them all! So, why does marriage suddenly change this? Go figure.

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Alecia Murphy profile image

Alecia Murphy 4 years ago from Wilmington, North Carolina

Interesting point you make. I agree- marriage really shouldn't change the distribution of chores. If you are gifted at a certain set of skills, do the chore. I am a good cook but cleaning not so much. But I don't mind trading off since not everyone will want to do the same chores.

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