Friendship Fails over Misunderstanding & Pride

Based on a true story.

What is a friend? What makes a person a true friend? A good or bad friend? These are the questions which we usually asks ourselves when the tough gets tougher. When all the good moments tends to end or fail to survive. When friendship tends to loose its meaning when it is the least right thing to do at the moment. I have a story to share about a group of individuals who have been friends for a long time but the relationship didn't work well over a not so complicated issue, that one of them have no choice but to distant herself from the relationship.

The conflict all started over a simple issue of misunderstanding. Let me assign the individuals into Friend A, Friend B and Friend C. Friend A is born with a silver spoon in her mouth. Meaning eating 3 x a day is not a problem. A leaves in her 2 storey (family owned) house all alone independently. A drives her family own given SUV anywhere A goes. A receives allowance from family and even earns income from business which A operates individually. Friend B and C are in different world. They are not so fortunate unlike Friend A. Money is hard at times and even harder in earning them. And because of this facts, Friend A offered to help them in every way A can. Friend A allowed Friend B and C to stay (as requested) at the family owned house. Free without asking for money for staying. So Friend B and C won't have to worry about paying for lodging, water bills or electric bills. Friend A never asks for anything at al, Friend A even cooked food not only for one person but include them too. Friend A is considerate at all times. The confilict started one day when Friend A told Friend B and C to find a place to stay the next day because Friend A's dad is coming home. Friend A's parents doesn't want anyone staying or sleeping in their house, so all the actions of Friend A is kept from the knowledge of friends A parent's. Because of the annoucement of Friend A, Friend B and C acted indifferently. Even acted out of line or unprofessionally. Friend B and C send Friend A a personal message saying hurtful words to Friend A just because the latter told the former to leave the house 'the parents' will arrive. Friend B and C even said words that are not related with the issue and even said degrading words against Friend A which is really way way out of line. But despite such happening, Friend A acted calmly and professionally and never ever said hurtful words against the two friends. All A did is to explain the misunderstanding in the situation, which means A tried to make amends and let the two know that there is really nothing to fight at about. That all are just a plain misunderstandin of the facts. But despite what A did, B still never get satisfied in saying those hurtful words and even continued hurting A's feelings for two consecutive days. And because of that A decided to distant herself from them since its no longer healthy to stay considering what have been done and said.

This is in relation to the story.

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ashna sambhar profile image

ashna sambhar 4 years ago

nice 1!

ashna sambhar profile image

ashna sambhar 4 years ago

misunderstanding n pride just ignore dem.......

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