Who is Friend


            Who is a friend?

                        Night answered,

                        Friends are stars,

                        That makes you shine

                        In the gloomy hours…

            Who is a friend?

                        Day answered,

                        A friend is like a sun,

                        Who makes you shine?

                        Yes! He is the one…

            Who is a friend?

                        Air answered,

                        A friend comes in your way,

                        Like a cool breeze

                        The heat of loneliness goes away…

            Who is a friend?

                        I answered,

                        Who betray never

                        A hope for you,

                        A love forever

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GCUF 7 years ago

I really liked it alot...

elisabethkcmo profile image

elisabethkcmo 7 years ago from Just East of Oz

beautiful and truly poetic, thanks for sharing

nilum profile image

nilum 7 years ago Author

@ elisabethkcmo

Thanks for your words for me, your comments and appericiation really does matter; it increases my motivation to write more for you All




jesusmyjoy profile image

jesusmyjoy 5 years ago from Bucyrus Ohio

this is very good

nilum profile image

nilum 4 years ago Author

Thanks you Dear

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