Who is wARtist?

wAR ARtist makes wARtist

I am wARtist. See my Biography here. In this short hub, I'm gonna show you things I am interested in. Hope we share something in common within what has been listed below. If there's something you like as well, please leave a comment or contact me directly via my email here.

I am who I am
I am who I am

My Interests & Favorite People

Science Fictions

  • Orson Scott Card (Jack Williamson)

  • Isaac Asimov

  • Tanaka Yoshiki

Economy Study

  • Warren E. Buffett
  • Benjamin Graham
  • Richard Buckminster Fuller
  • Robert Kiyosaki

Book Frenzy

Music Frenzy

Male Singers

  • Michael Jackson
  • Ricky Martin
  • Eminem

Female Singers

  • Mariah Carey
  • Whitney Houston
  • the Cranberries
  • Hikaru Utada
  • Dido

My Favorite English Songs Top 10

Movie Frenzy

World Conspiracy Study

Religion Study



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Comments 11 comments

David dev 5 years ago

I wanna kwon whot you had do to becom actor

wARtist profile image

wARtist 6 years ago from China Author

To Banana Republic

In China.

I am the King of Plants Vs Zombies.

I am not a celebrity.

Banana Republic 6 years ago

Where were you born? USA or China?

Which city do you live now?

Great hub. You are a very talented person.

And you are famous all over the world as "The King of Plants Vs. Zombies".

You are a celebrity, dude, only Laura Shigihara is more famous than you, among PVZers.

lucky1000 profile image

lucky1000 6 years ago

nice hub

wawawawawa 6 years ago

sugaaa wwwoooooooooooga

kristine  6 years ago

h:are you ok?

mayline roman  6 years ago

ellw poh how are you?

kalpana 6 years ago

Hmm...i like it

agn good job.....:)

keep it up

i also like eminem, michael, dido, whitney...

u like enrique..???

jelo 7 years ago

wow.. u like mariah too? im a big fan of hers.. also plants vs zombies.. =)

haha 7 years ago

no one cares!

wARtist profile image

wARtist 7 years ago from China Author

What else you wanna know about me?

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