Why Do Men Get Caught Wearing Panties?

Caught wearing thongs on their faces...

and, you know, robbing a store...
and, you know, robbing a store...

Men caught wearing panties can find great wrath and furious anger rained down upon them by angry wives, girlfriends, and homophobes who mistake wearing lingerie for being gay. Being caught whilst wearing panties can be a secret fantasy for many men who wear lingerie simply because their main attraction to lingerie isn't for the look, or the feel, its the breaking of a taboo.

On the other side of the coin, a man may decide to get himself caught in panties simply because he does not want to live a lie anymore. He wants those nearest and dearest to him to know that he wears women's lingerie, but he does not know how to slip it into general conversation. “I say darling, would you pass the sugar? By the way, I just love the feel of a silk thong against my cheeks.”

It's a difficult discussion to have at the best of times, and though I've provided some guidance and encouragement for men to be open about their lingerie wearing with their partners, here and here, sometimes the passive-agressive 'oops, are those MY panties on the floor' just seems easier for all concerned.

For taboo breakers, the thrill of just wearing lingerie gets tiring eventually. Like any activity, if repeated sufficient times, it becomes boring and mundane. Just another day of slipping on a pair of frilly knickers and a lace trimmed camisole. But now imagine what would happen if someone happened to catch a peek of that lingerie? What if a little lace peeked out from under the shirt? What if he bent over and his red satin panties were exposed? Ah! That gets the juices flowing again. Taboo breakers may find it enough just to imagine what it might be like to be caught wearing lingerie, but some of them invariably go on to leaving one shirt button unfastened or wearing a looser pair of pants that slips down a little at strategic times. The results of this sort of thing range from giggles, to strange looks to being fired from your job for sexual harassment. Please, pick your times and places for exploring public lingerie wearing.

For men who want to live their lives in the open, similar tactics are possible, but they are less likely to be so brazen about things. They may 'chicken out' at the last moment and quickly rebutton their shirt, perhaps even race upstairs to change before the wife gets home. Eventually however, he gets caught. He may not even intend to get caught. Perhaps he forgets a pair of panties in the wash basket, or leaves them under the bed where they are found the next time his girlfriend vacuums. Getting caught this way almost always results in accusations of infidelity first and foremost, and can destroy a relationship.

Moral of the story? Sometimes its better to disclose your lingerie wearing rather than 'getting caught' at it like a naughty child.

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Benjimester profile image

Benjimester 7 years ago from San Diego, California

Haha, though I don't think I'll ever even get close to wearing the undergarments of the fairer sex, thanks for the fun read and good advice :)

hicutguy 7 years ago

Hope, I have studied your posts and am now a master at avoiding being caught in my panties. My secret attire is always kept out of the laundry. I wash them by hand when I know the wife's whereabouts, and I hang them to dry in the manner of a "purloined letter". I even place unworn male briefs in the laundry to avoid a discrepency in the proportion of socks and undershirts to the number of below the waist items.

It is very exciting! I hope to soon achieve greater confidence and eventual graduation to making subtle revelation of feminine underpinnings in a public circumstance. I will relesh the reactions of those that are aware!

John 7 years ago

Hope: the way I talk my ladies into letting me, at least, try on panties, is: during an intimate encounter, I comment on how nice their own feels to my hands on their bodies. Then I make remarks about how lucky Women are to be able to experience it and, if she seem'd interested, tell I had "tried on panties once" when I was younger and loved the feel. Then, to assure her I wasn't Gay, I'd tell her I wished it was acceptable for guys to enjoy the feeling. If the idea excited her, she would pick something nice for me from her panty drawer. I'd let her dictate the possibilities from there on - with some small hints of course. If the idea was a no go... oh well. The "oh well's have been about equal to the "wow, great, sexy, kinky's. Sadly I'm in an "oh well" period at present. Still, at least, I have Hope. LOL

Nanciboy 7 years ago

I certainly don't make any effort to show that I wear panties but there are low humidity days when my suit pants cling to my bottom and thighs. So who knows, maybe I've shown the dread VPL.

That said, panties are all I own for undiebottoms. So when I had to undress for three Dr appointments last summer, they had to see my panties. Twice, relatively plain Vanity Fair hipsters or hicuts. The third time was for the initial consultation with the surgeon who would do my heria operation. Black Lands' End hicuts with a leaf embrodery at the top of each leg. Since that time I have bought a many more pairs of lacy panties; so the chance of one of them being on the top of the pile the next time I have an appointment is increasing. Oh well, I wear what makes me happy.

Bob M 7 years ago

I nearly passed out from embarassment when my mother-in-law caught me wearing her bra, girdle, and stockings. I was even more shocked when she just laughed and said my father in law was quite partial to wearing the same girdle and bra!!

supersteve 7 years ago

the fear of getting caught wearing knickers far out ways anything i had ever known the buzz is better than any drugs on the market i wear knickers all the time the buzz keeps me going and puts the smile back on my face

satinpanties 7 years ago

I got caught one time at the airport when I had to remove my pants in front of a TSA agent (in a private room) because of a piece of a gum wrapper in my pocket! It was a very embarassing moment but also an unbelievable thrill. I was so nervous walking in there but once I took the pants off it was somewhat exciting. The TSA guy didn't say anything to me but I could tell he kind of liked it. I know i enjoyed it!

locodriver 7 years ago

im an engineer and wear my full cut nylon panties all the time pantyhose and a cami when it cold... i also make sure to have on something pretty peeking out when riding my bike w/ a helmet of course!

hotrodent 6 years ago

I was caught when I went to the dermatologist to get something removed from my face. As the nurse asked me the preliminary questions she suggested that they do a full body check by stripping down to my underwear and being covered by a narrow paper. So I nervously agreed and as the female doctor looked at my back I heard her gasp when I realized she just say the white lacy waistband of the nylon panties I was wearing.

Pollyannalana profile image

Pollyannalana 6 years ago from US

I have seen men's underwear in stores that come so close to being feminine,and silky I don't see why that wouldn't do them, some have no front opening (fly is it?)even and come in bikini.

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