Why Is Romantic Kissing So Important In A Relationship?

Why the heck is kissing so important anyway?

I get inundated every day with questions about kissing from people who visit my site. What is the proper way? When is the proper time? Should I initiate or should he/she? Even though I have some much advice on my site about kissing, people still want every single detail about the art of kissing as they can get.

So why is romantic kissing so important? What is it about a kiss that makes your heart race and get all tingly inside just thinking about planting a big wet one on that special someone? There are actually a few reasons why kissing is so important in a relationship.

Personal space is a big part of it. Usually there is an invisible area around us that we don’t like others to cross. By kissing someone, they are allowing us to be in this sacred area, allowing us to be physically close to them. After all, you have to be physically together in order to perform a kiss. So there is a sense of trust when someone allows us within their personal space.

Intimacy is another reason people kiss. A kiss, the first kiss, between a couple, usually signifies the beginning of intimacy between two people. A deeper, more committed bond in the relationship than before they kissed. Some people take it as a sign that the other person is really “interested” in them. Other people take it as the next “step” in a relationship.

The biggest reason why people kiss is to show the other person just how much they care about them. It is a physical symbol of their affection and/or love for them. It is a way, without words, to show the other person in a deep connection their love for them.

If you deeply care or even love someone, share those feelings with them. Let it express your love for the other person. Don’t hold back. Don’t think about it. Just do it. Yes, it may be a bit awkward at first since the two of you don’t know each others kissing styles (and there are many) but once applied a few times, the moments can be absolutely magical.

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Bella Nina profile image

Bella Nina 4 years ago from USA

Great hub. I like your thoughtfulness on the subject.

thesingernurse profile image

thesingernurse 4 years ago from Rizal, Philippines

I like the idea that anyone can start the kiss. It really does not matter whether the guy or girl initiates it.

Beautiful hub. And I bet your website is way better! :)

Sheila Lee profile image

Sheila Lee 4 years ago from Canada Author

Thank you singernurse. Yes, my website is way better but unfortunately I cannot post those articles on my hubs because it is considered "duplicate". But I do have lots of great information on kissing, relationships, romance, dating, etc. on there.

thesingernurse profile image

thesingernurse 4 years ago from Rizal, Philippines

Yeah, I've seen it... I was so intrigued with the kissing booth... And hey, you are a very beautiful woman. You look great in your photo. :D

Sheila Lee profile image

Sheila Lee 4 years ago from Canada Author

Awwww... thank you!

Tarence lemon 4 years ago

My first kiss omg it was in a swimming pool and it was the best and we did more then just kiss haha lol im 13 years old and im a guy and now she broke up with me and i still love her but that was 3 years ago and i think were gonna get back together but anyways i have a twitter my username is mob013 so girls please follow me and we can tweet and get to now each other and this website really helped me out for my first kiss

HaileyAdams profile image

HaileyAdams 3 years ago

A first kiss is always unforgettable, there is some kind of magic , electric impulse between two people. Kissing is like music it can tell a lot about a person and his personality.

Brenda L Scully profile image

Brenda L Scully 3 years ago from Ireland

yeah sure is letting someone into your personal space. Never actually thought about that one before, enjoyed this hub

Public 6 months ago

Wow. How about teaching a little restraint and not just twirling tongues with anyone you're attracted to?

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