Why Love is a waste of time

Love is a fail

To all you "it gets better" girls and "time heals all wounds", and don't forget "my prince charming" girls, here's a secret for you..IT DOESN'T EXIST.

Love is one of the most obnoxious ways to waste your time. You could be doing a million things for yourself and instead you spend all your time taking care of someone who is ungreatful and doesn't seem to care if he hurts you or if he is killing you inside...

Take it from me ladies, Love is a waste...I learned it the hard way by becoming involved with a man who I thought was my knight in shining armor when he really turned out to be prison guard who abuses the prisoner...It was never physical(unless you count pushing and grabbing) but emotional murder...

You see ladies, men are like Parasites. They creep in when your system is down and set up house. They use you for all you are and in the end leave you sick and damaged...

I suppose at one time love may have meant something to some people somewhere in the world, but to even bring up love now is so stupid cause no one can even tell what love is without having a heart breaking story behind it...We think we find the one who will make all our dreams come true then we only realize that those dreams will never be a reality because any hope we had for them is drained out of us by the men who see our dreams as nothing more then something to stand in our way of taking care of them...

If a man says I love you...

Ladies if a man ever says "I love you" that's when you turn and leave, cause of all the bullshi* lines in the world, that one is the biggest. The male mind doesn't register what love is, and even if it did, it wouldn't care enough to be bothered with it cause love doesn't further a mans life...they see it as a way of being tied down and can't have that...

I believed when I was told "I love you" and with those 3 words I sealed my fate for 2 and a half years of nothing but slaving and being treated like crap, but all the while he was saying "I love you" so I let it go...

Don't let it go...Its not worth it...Trust me...

Words of Wisdom

They say there are plenty of fish in the sea, but ladies that doesn't mean go for it. People drown in the sea and people have been known to die while fishing, you understand. Now you may thing I am just tying this as a jilted girl who hates her ex, but I don't, I do care, I do love him...and I know there are women who will read this and feel the same, but this was a warning to girls out there, The very thing we are taught is the most precious thing in the world is also the thing that will cause you the most pain...

A person once told me that I will cry over a lot of guys, but the right guy for me wont make me cry...

I didn't listen at the time, but you know what, it makes sense now...

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NiaLee profile image

NiaLee 5 years ago from BIG APPLE

Love is a entanglement of feelings, dreams, hopes and fears

Love is you loving the idea of the other one

and the other one loving the idea of you

Where are you?

Where is the other one?

Behind a mask?

Or is one behind a mask and one naked?

Love is an idea

If we have the same one we can last

If we don't we may not

Or maybe Love is all we do together

The kissing, the hugging

The childbearing, the cooking

The providing, the vacationing

Love is

Where are we?

In or out of Love?

With or without Love?

Love is

Love exist

Its definition is just not as clear

Its definition changes from you to me

From her to him

Love is

Are we?

kayyluh profile image

kayyluh 5 years ago

But when you find true love its the most amazing feeling in the world, not every guy will break your heart. It can happen don't give up on finding that special someone!

Tistou Blomberg 2 years ago


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