Why Men Will Always Wear Panties

Some men like to wear women's clothing, we know this much for a fact. What we don't know is why or how this behavior exists. This article does not seek to definitively prove a cause for this behavior, but it does seek to put the phenomenon of men wearing women's clothing in a somewhat scientific context.

This is but a theory, a discussion point, I am not wearing a scientific coat whilst writing this, nor have I been blessed with a robe and / or wizard hat.

Hope's Men In Panties Premise: Contrary to some world views, behavior does not come in one of two categories, either male or female. Instead, behavior can be seen as falling at points along a spectrum, and the behavior expressed when men wear women's clothing is simply one form of expressing a feminine side.

Let's say that there's a scale of behavior when it comes to dressing and acting like a woman, and all men fall somewhere along it:

Hope's Impromptu Scale of Male Dress and Behavior From Feminine To Masculine:

  • 3 I should have been a woman
  • 2 I want to be a woman
  • 1 Playing with feminine things is hot.
  • 0 Feminine things make me feel very neutral.
  • -1 I don't like feminine things
  • -2 Feminine things make me uncomfortable.
  • -3 I am intensely masculine, I sweat testosterone and lead.

The Argument:

If biology teaches us anything, its that life favors a bell curve. Why? I don't know, its one of those mathematical mysteries of life, much like the way we favor grouping events or objects in sets of three.

A Bell Curve...

This pattern can be seen representing various traits in various biological organisms. From the average weight of a Siamese cat, to the average volume of salmon spawn, biological phenomena follow this pattern. This hypothesis therefore suggests that the act of cross dressing is somehow tied to biology. It also suggests that social phenomena are subject to the law of the bell curve as much as biological phenomena.

Now, in theory, most men fall at about position 0 on the scale, feeling neither enthused nor disgusted by the idea of women's clothing. Then, as we move further to one side of the scale we find slightly fewer, but statistically significant amounts of men who enjoy the idea of flirting with things seen as being traditionally feminine. They may not be panty wearers, but they may occasionally be lead into girlish activities when in an open minded mood. Opposite them on the scale are men who don't really care about feminine things, but feel slightly uncomfortable with them and are unlikely to participate in any activity considered 'feminine'. The trends continue on both sides of the scale until we reach those men who want to become women and on the opposite side, those men who want to be supermen.

In society, our behaviors fall into bell curves quite often. We have those in the middle ground, the herd, those who go along in a pack, (wake up, sheeple!) This is where the power base usually lies. It's generally fairly wishy washy, and most of us fall into it in various ways on various issues and with our various personality traits. The outliers and those who fall elsewhere on the bell curve can have a harder time, but they are still statistically significant, to the point where politicians often target these outlying populations for political gain.

Does this mean that men in panties are doomed to remain a minority forever?

No. When it comes to social trends and morays, the bell curve can move up and down the spectrum. Japan is currently experiencing a surge in androgynous men who eschew the traditional ideas of marriage and work and instead enjoy long walks on the beach and gazing at ferns. If their population grows significantly enough, it could be sufficient to move the bell curve down the scale towards the feminine. Whether or not this is a desirable result is very much a matter of opinion, which once again, will probably fall along a bell curve.


Conclusion of the Men In Panties Hypothesis:

There will always be effeminate men, as there will always be masculine men. The acceptance and expression of these traits in any given society will vary depending on levels of personal freedom and prevailing social trends. It is unlikely that there will ever be a society in which all men dress like women or want to be women, just as it is unlikely and unrealistic that there will ever be a society where men identify as being purely masculine.

Those who maintain that there was a time when 'men were real men, and women were real women' are hearkening back to pure fantasy, or, at very best a time of very lean survival chances, where strong masculine and strong feminine traits were favored.

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celtichic 7 years ago


I believe there is much truth in this article of yours. Thank you again for your support our cause. If I could have imagined when I was 11, the year I first really felt shame for wearing girls things secretly, that the time would come when crossdressing was so open, understood, tolerated---and finally enthusiastically enjoyed by someone like yourself, then much of the insecurity of my youth could have been avoided. I can only say that young men growing up in these times are so much luckier than I was.

Once I finally accepted myself for what I was, I began searching the literature for reasons for my compulsion to wear women's underwear, etc.. I soon learned that all babies at conception were female. That all of us, whether female or male, for the first six weeks in our mother's womb were female. Therefore, the default position for human birth is female. Males are then only created as mutations of a female body, hence we have nipples for no purpose. I kept thinking about that, why would men have nipples? We will not nurse infants with them. They are physical reminders of the early days in the womb when we were girls. So, men are already part female at birth---and VERY insecure inherently due to this. I believe in my own case that I did not get the usual injection of testosterone from my Mother, that my dose was low. Hence i had a feeling since I was 3 that I should have been a girl, but with enough male hormones to become a male, attracted to females. Finally then in my evolution to adulthood, through study of some wonderful books like "Gender Shock" and many others, I came to believe that I was lesbian in a male body: a physical male attracted to females, but feeling often that my spirit was female too.

So, I praise your article. Keep them coming!


ILoveLingerie 7 years ago

Interesting thoughts Hope, seems plausible.

Your thoughts, Celtichic, seem realistic as well. That could be the case.

phil 7 years ago

There is way too much labeling in our society. And among men there is too much pressure to fulfill a gender sterotype. It has led to men becoming very insecure in their identity and many overcompensate to project the presumed manly sterotype. It is a shame that most men cannot enjoy so-called femme fashions. Women on the other hand seem more secure in who they are,while men believe clothes make the man (they do not). Most are unaware that men in centuries past have worn frills,lace,stockings and even high heels. But when women adopted them, men quickly dropped them. As I said women because of being secure in their identity (most are) do not feel upgraded or downgraded by a fabric or style. Women even have so-called menswear styles and boy shorts. Yet they do not feel threatened as men do. I have worn panties and more since my teens. I love the styles (except for thongs),colors and fabrics.

Spin 7 years ago

Celtichic, I can relate with that. It was also well explained, not to mention it makes sense. I also think it will make sense to other men as well.

profile image

iloveps 7 years ago

as a scientist myself i really enjoyed this post. you should definitely publish it. if no scientific journal would take it i am sure you could get it in the Victoria's Secret catalog, which is good because we all know more men look at that than women.

silkytouchj 7 years ago

This article concurrs with you from today's edition of Salon (July 9th 2009


Brian 7 years ago

I don't agree with your assumption that most men fall in at position 0. To me it is more likely most men fall in at position -1 where they are somewhat suspicious or uncomfortable with feminine things.

Fairy Mary 7 years ago

Sure, some men rabidly display their intolerance at "female things" and men who openly proclaim their preference for a more varied fashion choice. But more and more men are exercising a freedom we are all supposed to have - the freedom of choice. And possibly a lot of the intolerance is based on envy.

I think you hit the mark (again) with this one Hope.

Lamorak Korving 7 years ago

I found your theory interesting, but I have one one my own. Society as we know it has broken down. I call this theory the Damaged Record Theory.Let me explain. Usually, when it's running correctly, like an undamaged record producing music pleasurable to everybody's ears, society does not unduly interfere in other people's lives. But at present, society is like a scratched record, in that is stuck in a groove that keeps repeating itself, so when it does jump a track, our society-the scratched record, starts to interfere in everybody's lives, saying "You may not read that, but this instead. You must listen to us, we know what's best, we forbid you to wear panties"....and so on. Censorship is already invading our day-to-day lives, and if we don't take a stand to regain our freedom of choice, and our basic human rights, who will? Or would you like to be ruled by a sick dictatorship? Maybe we need to bring down the Government to reclaim our liberty. I'm not a crossdresser or gay, I just wear panties because I find them comfortable. That's my reason, and guys do have mammary glands, and are capable of breastfeeding babies, once a breast pump gets the milk flowing. But I would never wear a skirt or blouse unless those articles of clothing were the only ones available to me.

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 7 years ago Author

You know, I don't think bringing down the government is going to work. Getting inside it has half a chance, but you still require a majority. Politricks is dirty business. Thanks for your comments today Lamorak, there have been some really interesting and insightful ones dotted about the various hubs.

Dodi-blue profile image

Dodi-blue 7 years ago

Hello :)

According to your scale I'm a 1. I want to look and feel sexy. I love women, don't like to dress like them but I love to wear panties. I assumed we wanted to be & feel pretty. Pardon me for saying, but I'm a good looking guy. I'm not concieded. I always wished I was prettier even as a male.

Here's the thing, I have three older brothers, very hairy, then one older sister that I always faught with when we were kids. My brothers didn't really fight with me because I would cry, but never did I cry with my sister. I am very much a male, they're totally maculine. I am too but I barely have body. They would disown me if they found out I wear panties. Everyone would, cuz I look strong and tuff but inside I don't feel that at all. All my life people have sworn they're talking to a girl on the phone and drive thru's, I have a soft femine voice. I was a premature baby, came home in a shoe box 3 months early, but I made it. Maybe I'm part of my little sister who didn't make it at six months.

I'm glad I'm a male I just naturally love panties. I wish society was easier on letting me be me & you be you. Because I don't want to cry.

You have great stories and great comments from great people.

Thank you Hope

Lot a love

Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 7 years ago Author

Why on earth would someone put a baby in a shoe box? :)

Dodi 7 years ago

Thank you for your reply Hope :)

Your a girl, you know how precious newborn babies are, well i was extremely fragile. At 2 1/2 lbs my i was tiny and in the early sixties things were different.

It was the only safe way to bring me home. Today if you don't have a crib or basenette your looked at... same goes with men wearing panties. Who knows maybe in a few decades all this will be normal.

Its normal to me now cuz I grew up in the NM dessert, wearing boxers or briefs is like wearing long sleeves in your pants. I have always worn tiny undies. I also worked I a clothing store for years. And women have more goodies by far. Even girls jeans fit me better. I've always had a hard time finding nice things to wear. Its still scary to go into juniors or panties and buy you know the cameras are watching. Im a 1 on your scale, panties are hot to wear, and they keep me in shape. I'm tiny I look good in them.

Most men really don't know how to dress. Men wear what the next guy wears, untill they have that big date.

Your Great!

_ _

( v )

luv u Hope


Hope Alexander profile image

Hope Alexander 7 years ago Author

Ah, the early 60's. In the early 80's my parents put me in a small carry on suitcase when we went on plane trips. Nowadays of course they'd have to take the newborn out and put it in a plastic tray so that it could be screened properly by security.

I'm glad you enjoy your lingerie, Dodi!

Dodi 7 years ago

Oops! omg! (i'm not that old. cribs were invented) did I say early sixties? meant to say, I was "barely sexies" and i came home with a "school box" ready for school. yeah... thats it! i remember now ;)

panty wearer 6 years ago

I wear panties 24/7 because they make me feel so good. When i have to wear mens underwear i hate the thought but have to when i go to the doctor or hospital

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