Why do Greeks break plates at weddings?

Whether you've attended a traditional Greek wedding, heard a story or seen this strange custom in a Hollywood movie, you may have asked yourself - Why do Greeks break plates?

Well to get one thing straight - this custom is not very common any longer in Greece. You're more likely to see it enacted in movies or in Greek restaurants in the US, usually to appeal to tourists.

However in the past Greeks did smash plates at weddings. And the question remains - why would a person want to smash a good clean, new plate instead of eating off it (you've never seen anyone smash a dirty plate intentionally at a wedding, have you?)? Read on to find out some more about the Greek plate breaking tradition.

You probably won't have to worry about this happening at the next Greek wedding you attend. Photo by Stevine

Plate Breaking in Perspective

Plate breaking isn't just a traditional act performed at weddings. In fact that appears to have been a later form of plate smashing. One of the first mentioned events involving this strange tradition was:

  • Funerals. People attending death ceremonies would break plates to show their deep emotional grieving. It helped to express their loss.

So now what you've been waiting for - the main reasons Why Greeks smash plates at weddings.

New Beginnings

There may be two reasons that plate smashing was a tradition used at weddings:

  1. Smashing plates symbolized new beginnings. It meant that the couple were throwing away their old life and embarking on a new life together.
  2. Smashing plates could fool the spirits. It was believed that breaking plates would keep the evil spirits at bay because they would believe the people involved were angry and upset - instead of celebrating. Of course the evil spirits would not wish to interfere with an event that was already making people angry, while they may interfere with a happy celebration.

So do Greeks still break plates at weddings?

The answer? No.

Most Greek weddings no longer involve plate breaking. For one thing, it gets too expensive and for another, it's just more messy to clean up,

Modern Greek weddings are in fact similar to many Western weddings. And although Hollywood may have romanticized the whole idea of wedding plate smashing, it's not that popular at weddings any longer. 

These days the Greek wives keep the plate smashing for when their husbands come home late from the pub after a night on the Ouzo...

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telly 3 years ago

also to ward off evil spirits

Sissipus 3 months ago

I was astounded at a Greek funeral to see the priest throw plates onto the coffin after dousing it liberally with olive oil. It was over all avery beautiful service , but intriguing to see the traditional practices

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