Why guys don't notice your haircut

Your Beautiful Soul

Are you not being noticed?

The reason why your significant other does not notice your new haircut is not because they do not care about you anymore. It is because .......... Wait For It........... They see your soul. That may sound like a corny line that you would see in a movie or hear in a song, but hear me out. Your soul is the only part of us that is everlasting. It is the only part of us that never changes.

When people connect with each other, they can sometimes be "blinded by love" so to speak. This happens when you see somebody's soul. This is the reason why you can see somebody that looks completely different from the last time you saw them, but you instantly recognize them. This is because you saw the part of them that Never Changes.

This is what is happening when the people who are closest to you seem to care the least about the changes that you make to your outward appearance. Doesn't it seem that the people who barely know you are the ones that comment when you look different?

Change your perception, to change your life.

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Lise 4 years ago

You've got to be kidding me, right? Obviously written by a guy who never notices his woman! haha... yeah... right...

jvandewalker profile image

jvandewalker 4 years ago from Quitman, Ms Author

Seems like someone has some sour grapes towards their man! I do notice my woman, just thought I could help some guys out when their women search for why they aren't being noticed enough.

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