Why do we fall in love?

Why We Love?

how-do-you-define-love....the evil angel...the smile..the tear..the happiness and sorrows.....complete us and leave us incomplete....what is this strange thing?

One thing that everyone want in life and the one thing that takes everything from life and leave us broken hearted an alone...love

we love because we need to be truly loved by someone we dont love someone by choice it just happen that is why it is called falling in love.

but then we start expecting too much from other people and by doing this we just ourself.because expectations always hurt

Though expectations always hurt but they cant be totally removed from our lives life without expectations is not like human its like puppets

so we keep on expecting things

then comes a stage when we stop thinking about what we want rather we start thinking what our other half want that is true love

we don't know why we love we just do regardless of any thing in return we love

that is why it is a magical feeling that no one truly knows and no one knows  how to define love


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