Will Counseling Marriage Save?

Waxing Lyrical On the Serious Question of Saving A Marriage

OK. That title is a bit over the top - but it got your attention!

Well, I just wanted to say this:-

The divorce rate in the US is very high, and this means there are a lot of people out there who are going through the pain of separation, and they want to save their marriage.

Most people don't know where to turn for help, and they don't know they can find divorce support from both professionals as well as others who are going through the same thing.

I happen to believe that with help many marriages can be saved. YES, if both partners give it a chance, "counseling can a marriage save".

I have a friend who is about to divorce, and she has already joined an online site to help her through this trying time.

For her, and a variety of reasons I am unable to discuss here counseling is not going to save her marriage. That is history for her.

The site she found was meant just for divorce support. She has found others who know what she is going through, and they have helped her with legal and emotional advice.

Some of these people have become dear friends to her, and she has even found someone she might want to share her future with. However, she says that because they are both looking for divorce support right now, they are not going to rush into anything. They want to be sure they are free, clear, and definitely not on the rebound when they finally decide they can be together and have a healthy relationship.

You can find marriage counseling and divorce support through professionals if you want. You can also always find a mental health professional that specializes in marriage counseling as well as divorce support.

They may have even help you through your marriage counseling and if divorce then still becomes inevitable they already know what your problems and issues may be.

That may save you the visits needed for a professional to get to know you. They have a head start in knowing what you have been through, so they have a head start in helping you get back on your feet emotionally.

A Word Of Warning

If you want to get divorce support online, make sure you don't reveal too much about yourself on a website or message board. If, like my friend, you are going through a bad divorce, you don't want your soon to be ex-spouse to be able to find you if you are coming out of an abusive marriage.

They may look for you on divorce support sites to see if they can find your new location.

Also disguise your true name and identity just enough so that your spouse may not know it is you for sure. They may be able to use things you say there against you, though you should talk with the owner of the board or website before you post to find out what the laws are in regards to that.

Now that I have said my piece, and on a much more pleasant note do take a look at my links (if you - hopefully - still value your relationships) for more dating marriage and family topics.

Thanks, for reading my hub.

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cgull8m profile image

cgull8m 9 years ago from North Carolina

Good post, it is better to go counseling, I think your friend may settle for a rebound and find the same thing again. It is better to be patient, try to work it out. My parents had differences but most of the time they were able to adjust to each other needs.

stevelast profile image

stevelast 9 years ago Author

Yes. You are right, I think she should not be getting involved at this time. Even when she says they will wait to be sure before they make any decisions, I still think it is too soon for them to be so involved.

I can say that here - because if she reads this she knows I have already said it to her!

But rebounds aren't always bad news are they? Sometimes, they can work out just fine? What do you think?

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