Beautiful Women Smoking: Are Cigarettes an Exotic Turn-On or Disgusting Habit?

Some people would say that smoking is a disgusting habit and on first examination many of us are certainly inclined to agree. Yet many people are strangely fascinated by women who enjoy the occasional, or even frequent, cigarette. How can this be, we wonder, if the very act of smoking is so repulsive? Obviously there is not a simple answer to this question just as there is no easy answer as to why anyone smokes in the first place if it is such an awful thing to do. Ask a group of smokers and you are bound to find a large percentage who will say they wish they could quit or had never even started. And yet we still find those who find the act of a pretty girl smoking desirable.

Certainly everyone can recognize the fact that smoking is bad for your health. This has been scientifically established and simple common sense will tell us that purposely taking smoke into our lungs is not the brightest idea. And yet, millions of people do this very thing everyday. But there are also millions who secretly, as well as many who not so secretly, find pleasure in watching a girl enjoy a cigarette. We often see something mysterious and perhaps even taboo in a woman enjoying a cigarette. Psychologists might also argue that there is a sexual element to the act.

Whatever the reasons for this attraction, there is no denying its power to those who find it of interest. The cloud of smoke that engulfs a beautiful lady as she exhales the smoke of a cigarette is like a shroud of intrigue in the eyes of many. So will we easily understand those who choose to smoke or those who enjoying watching those who smoke? Most likely not. But at least we can all understand there is no denying beauty in whatever form we find it! Perhaps it is enough to recognize that the act of finding beauty is in and of itself a noble endeavor.

I already have a hub dedicated to the beautiful model Marika Kowalski and plan to eventually do a second. But this photo of sexy Marika seems to fit so well in this hub, I have decided to use it here instead of saving it for my Marika sequel. Yes, yes... you are welcome! Marika is a perfect example of how sexy a woman can be with a cigarette in her hand and smoke drifting from her lips. But for the non-smoker, would a smoky kiss from this blonde bombshell still be appealing?

If you have enjoyed the lovely women above enjoying their cigarettes, then you are sure to enjoy this video as well as the videos below it. This video features a beautiful women smoking for nothing other than the pleasure of a cigarette and the thrill of desire. Those further down the page delve a bit deeper into the subject and give us a little more insight into the mind of a smoker.

As proof of man's long fascination with women smoking cigarettes, one only needs to look back to the earliest advertisements for cigarettes. Very often the person depicted smoking was an attractive young woman. Even advertisements for other products would use an image of a woman puffing on a smoke to attract a potential buyer's eye. The commercial market has long recognized the fascination with the femme fatale and nothing illustrates this more than a lady partaking of a smoke.

As retailers were constantly looking for a way to have their product viewed in a positive light, it is clear that they recognized that though smoking may be a bad habit, it was also clearly a thing many found alluring. Even all those many years ago, the value of smoking females for use as a marketing tool was evident to those creating the top ads in America. And has anything changed in all those years since? I think it is quite apparent that many are as enthralled with a woman who enjoys a cigarette today as they ever were.

Also, do not think for a moment that advertisers were about to let a potential market slip away. By focusing ads on women, they not only attracted those who found women smoking appealing but also the women themselves. The cigarette companies were even known to focus some ads, such as the ad above, on the "benefits" cigarettes offered in keeping a woman fit and trim.

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