Women Who Are Jealous Of Other Women

Women Are Ringing Bells For The Future!

The Matriarch Ring in our Love Based Society...A brighter future for humanity
The Matriarch Ring in our Love Based Society...A brighter future for humanity | Source

Women Will Rule Our Planet...The Precipice Is Upon Us

Today history is being made...right here, right now. Facts are flying, information is being absorbed, and we are advancing more towards a female ruled society. For many reasons I believe the future will be better, and more productive for it. Women quietly clean up the mess, we are not engaged in flaunting plumage. With stealth, and grace, drive and the instinct to correct all things that are obviously wrong with our current status as a race, and interactive society.

The population is greatly affected by the outside influence of public events, media, and others imposing their will upon them. This is your ill informed general public who is fed constant data that is detrimental to their survival. It is getting more and more attention that there is a conspiracy to reduce the population. I tend to think it's correct. We are beyond mismanagement, and the methods in use for decades are inappropriate, and counterproductive for the well being of the people, wildlife, and the planet.

The food supply is contaminated, and not appearing to get any better. Standards of operation are less than satisfactory, and substandard as far as I'm concerned. The medical industry is headed for financial ruin as well. Once everyone is dead, or completely dysfunctional, they will have a zero customer base, and nothing much left to do, if "we the people" continue to allow it. They will kill the population, or a large portion of it, should we not turn this around.

Hence the reason for this hub. I am identifying a major problem among women, so we can correct it now. Women in general are indeed improperly balanced, chemically, and hormonally. Feeling of inadequacy and low self esteem for example are chemically induced. Which means it was not a conscious thought or decision. It is an involuntary reaction to your chemical make up being off. It is the sign your body gives off to let you know something is not quite right. I am writing this information in this hub to educate women on the facts about how to control their own health, in less than 20 minutes. I'm not kidding either. Depression can be turned around inside of 20 minutes.

I did it, and I am your living proof that it works. Not only will it turn your mental state of mind around, it will also turn your physical state around bringing you back to good health, with a proper weight, and body fat content, it comes with it automatically. The ratios, and break downs are critical to manage properly because the slightest offset will prompt many things that can be prevented. Through simple efforts like using pH test strips, and monitoring your nutrient intake daily, all of this can be achieved quickly. It's about balance...the mathematics of life.

All feelings and thoughts are prompted by firing of cells within the body. If your cells aren't firing properly, and they are clumped together for example, you will be less than functional. If your cells are mutating, you may be developing a cancerous invasion. According to my studies of Edgar Cayce, (one of my favorites), by taking the cancer out of a human, and injecting it into the back of a rabbits neck, and allowing it to grow. Then removing it from the rabbit, and reinjecting into the patient causing a reaction in the patients cells to fight it off as a foreign invader. Thus curing it. It does make sense because of the chemical make up of our bodies. From what I heard they are doing this at sloan kettering for many years now. I'm not sure of the details or status now. I'll try to do a hub on that at some point with current information.

I want women to work together to connect with the harmonic balance that is there waiting for them. As soon as they realize it's there, things will happen more rapidly, and our race can resume a path of advancement, and productivity that is suitable for our life on this planet. As Ambassadors for Mother Earth, we will usher in a new era of Love, and compassion, along with rock solid methods of production, and sustainability. Right beside the forces of the patriarch world. I have lived here too, and worked within the patriarchal system. Which is one part of why I understand it, and know it needs to change. The facts are right here before all of us. Indisputable mathematics you cannot argue with.

The easiest way for us to jump start this, and speed up the process is by educating the women to automatically assume their positions. Right now...to get up, and say ok it's MY turn, step aside. Proceed to get busy, and don't look back. There's nothing to look back on anyway, so focus on moving forward, and regardless of what may happen on that path, ignore it, and forge ahead. Do not stray from the path of life, and balance. Once balance is achieved you won't want to sway from it, because you will be seeing things so much more clearly at that point. Remember it takes 20 minutes to get chemically balanced!

Be there with me, I'm lonely at the chemically balanced top...lol I would like everyone to be balanced properly. Then you can absorb the real facts, and experience what optimum health feels like. You will have thoughts you never knew you could have. And the development of your brain will even surprise you at times. Good things will happen, and good thoughts will occur appropriate to your chemical make up. Here's your steering wheel, I'm handing it you so you can drive it in. It is so simple, it angers me that the women of our world have been deceived for so long. Hence my motivation to get this information to you now.

First step in correction: pH Test strips, Blood test: Nutrient Levels = What are you deficient in. Identifying the Math. That's the two first things to do to jump start your correction. Keep it simple stupid. It really is that simple. I did it, and I'm still here over 20 years later, feeling balanced and steady. Still on the same path, never faltering from my goals. I've been the same weight for as long as I can remember. Only when I had my daughter did my weight fluctuate. It's all about the MATH.

The feelings of jealousy come from firing of cells, dictating the chemical reaction of your current status. If your mathematics are off, you correct it... period. All kinds of thoughts, and feelings are prompted by lack of chemical/hormonal balance. It is your foundation to start building on. If you don't have it right, the rest of it will crumble. Put all your negative feelings aside, and start fresh with replacement feelings, while engaging in paying close attention to your PH, and nutrient levels. The best place to find the guide of nutrients is below, or you can order the nutrition bible: The Prescription For Nutritional Healing below. I can tell you it is a wealth of knowledge, and fact based. Very good guide to educate oneself on Natural healing.

20 Minutes to Balance! Yup I take a cup full of vitamins and supplements each day. It's funny to see some people react to watching me. I literally down fists full of natural pills from my fancy antique vitamin cup. I probably take about 40 or so per day, and more if I encounter a cold, or illness. I do take extra D3, 5000 mg. I do not get the flu, and do not take flu vaccines.

I don't drink cows milk, nor do I eat red meat. I eat mostly fruits, veggies, whole grains, and some pasta. I do not eat sweets, or man mad ingredients. I have not eaten fast food in over 25 years. I eat nothing processed, and I seldom eat in restaurants. I am a gourmet cook, and can make the most amazing vegan dishes imaginable.

I want people to know this information because it was withheld from the public. I feel that's not fair, so in my many quests of educating the public I have brought focus to this critical subject. For the good of the many. Women are the natural born leaders of people. It was covered up, destroyed, hidden from people to allow tyrannical forces to prevail. By force only do patriarchal elements invade a mass of people. Throughout time this is documented. Today the female statistics are astounding. The success of women has indeed skyrocketed, and now we are paying attention. Now the subject at hand is will women rule the world? I do believe they will. I also believe they already are. Nice and quietly, without causing a stir. Utilizing instinctual nature to approach with stealth, and wisdom of subtle change. Never needing a pat on the back, or medal of honor, we just do it, and we do it right. Saving time, trouble, and making sense. It all adds up in the end.

What I want is for every woman out there to be properly chemically and hormonally balanced, so that the power can kick in, and we can speed up the process of saving the planet, wildlife, and human race. The bottom line is, we need to all work together to make this happen. This is my contribution to you to get you started. No strings attached. I want you to see what I see. It's a matter of life and death, and I need you to see this now. Now you can make a well informed decision to balance your health, and balance your life to carry out your purpose. We have no time to waste, and time is of the essence.

Once you have your nutrient blood test, and your pH test strips, and you're looking at the Prescription for nutritional healing list of what to take...that's where you officially start the path to balance. You can get great prices on all the nutrients, and supplements on my hubs/your hubs, or the vitamin shop. Whichever gets you there quicker. Make it special every day with a classy cup to put your vitamins in. It's the cup of life. It deserves to be treated as very important, and ritualistic. It is your new ritual...your key to life.

Be prepared once in this routine for people to notice, and make comments about something being different about you. It literally changes everything rapidly. The new you, (or the one you were supposed be) will emerge rapidly, and with drive. You will emit signals, and vibes of love, and nurturing instincts that may have been dormant. Nevertheless you will experience what I experienced so long ago...coming to life like I never knew before. Remember I am the living proof this really works. I have the blood work to prove it. I write about this on a regular basis to get the word out.

Everyone needs to know this information. It is so compelling I have steadfastly gone up against many professionals of many industries in debates, and I usually always come out on top at the end. Why, you ask? Because I arm myself with the facts of the situation. The mathematics of everything. I see the mathematics of everything, any situation, not limited to anything. Strip the emotion away from the equation, and what do you have? Mathematics.

Don't complicate it...keep it simple. Follow the math plan, and solve the problem now...today. Make the switch over to the flip side of life. Come with me if you want to live a healthy and productive happy life. I love you all, and thank you so much for all your support! Put your invisible crown on, and be the Goddess you were meant to be! The world needs you now!

Vitamins - Herbs - Supplements - Overhaul Your Health

Many quality supplements that can be bought cheaply. I have found the cheapest way to consolidate the cost. The best top quality Vitamins & Herbs are: The Must Haves:

1st choice: Source Of Life: Multi Vitamin and Minerals(with whole food concentrates) 3 per day.

2nd choice: One Daily: Vitamin Shoppe Brand: $13.00 for 300 Capsules. Great deal/Save money.

Garlic: 6 per day. (Odorless 600 mg.)...Acts as natural Antibiotic, as well as so many other great things.

Co Enzyme Q10: 100Mg. per day minimum. Improves Heart Dramatically!

MSM 1000 1 per day...enables me to walk, fantastic for arthritis...I cannot live without!

Ginkgo Biloba: 1 per day...(Do not Take if Heart Problems)...I get rid of Migraines with this in 15 minutes!

B-Complex: Mega B... 1 per day...Helps eliminate stress, and increases ability to cope.

Plus: all the "Extra" "B's" (additional "B's" for Depression)

Milk Thistle: 425 Mg. 1 -3 per day...Detoxes your liver, among other things.

Red Clover Herb: 4-6 per day (425 Mg. Each) Best herb on the planet!...Helps me breath...(was used to treat TB way back when)

Aloe Gel: Lilly Of The Desert: Mix in Juice or water daily...Heals entire body from the inside out.

Aerobic .007: Liquid Stabilized Oxygen: Mix 10 drops in Distilled Water Only (Large Glass of Water) I take to give me energy, clear up colds, clarify my vision, and helps me breath well. Great addition to good health!

Valerian Root: Relaxing herb (smells funky, but works!)1-4 per day: Calming, Sleep Disorders, Pain relief, works well for Children that are hyper, or have ADD. Very safe, very helpful.

Olive Oil: Capsules, or Extra Virgin Liq. 2 Tablespoon's. per day...will heal from the inside out.

Fenugreek: Herb: 425 Mg. 1-4 per day: great for Sinus conditions, helps mucus membranes flow more freely.

And there are more you can try at your own leisure, and see what works well for you. Note this is not everything you may need, but it's a great place to start. You can expand your plan once you have educated yourself more with various books like the one I mentioned. It's great for daily look ups, and frequent easy reading.

Keep Smiling! Never Stop!

Here's my recent photo. My birthday is coming up on April 29th! Oh no 47! yikes! Still wrinkle free! lol
Here's my recent photo. My birthday is coming up on April 29th! Oh no 47! yikes! Still wrinkle free! lol | Source

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gguy profile image

gguy 5 years ago from new jersey usa

Brainfire, great hub, I wish you Women the best of luck as you reshape society and bring it to a higher Female led level.

BrainFire profile image

BrainFire 5 years ago from The Island Author

Thank you gguy! I appreciate all your feed back, and support. We get a little further every day that passes. Great strides are being made for women. We're not stopping! :)

Thanks for visiting, and adding your 2 cents!

wabond profile image

wabond 5 years ago from England

The only reason why women would be jealous of other women is because they are competitive with other women. Competition seem to work for men, as competition seems to strongly motivate men but I'm not sure that competition is right for women.

Women are nurturers and competition will get in the way of women's ablity to nurture. Women looking at our world see how men have dominated our world through competition and aggression and many women think they should be doing the same. The trouble is that competition and aggression is natural for men but not for women. So if women in general try to be as competitive as men they will lose.

Women need to look to their own strengths and that is love and nurture. Women have been brainwashed by patriarchy into believing that love and nurture are 'weaknesses' whereas it is these feminine qualities that can save our world.

Yes, men have dominated the world through their competitive drive and aggression but in the process have created a world of fear, hatred and violence. And we have to ask ourselves, is that the sort of world we want to live in?

The feminists had the slogan, "The sisterhood is powerful" and instictively we know it is true, but this will be impossible while women continue to act like men and compete with each other.

Women need to not only love and nurture children, animals and men. They also need to love and nurture other women and themselves, only by doing this will they create a powerful sisterhood that can rule our world.

quicksand profile image

quicksand 5 years ago

"Women quietly clean up the mess." They sure do! They start at home!

gguy profile image

gguy 5 years ago from new jersey usa

Thank you Brainfire for your kind response, Wabond just wanted to add something here, I think Women were put in a difficult position because although they will move us closer to a world of peace and harmony, they first needed to beat us at our own game before they could institute major changes.I think we are starting to see this more and more and as we fall in line and accept their leadership, they will be able to let thier Feminine attributes flourish to a greater extent.

wabond profile image

wabond 5 years ago from England

I agree gguy, men have to accept that they are doing a really terrible job in ruling our world and acknowledge that women would do a far better job. But also women have to realise this as well and take the leadership role.

gguy profile image

gguy 5 years ago from new jersey usa

Wabond, I have spoken with Brainfire several times personally, and based on what she has told me, more Women realise this than we see, and they are doing a lot "behind the scenes" to bring about change sooner than later. Of course the pace at which men relinquish power will have some effect on the pace of change,but as we become used to it with practice and quite good at it.

BrainFire profile image

BrainFire 5 years ago from The Island Author

Thank you wabond, quicksand, and gguy!

All that you write is true wabond. I see what is happening with women, which is why I wanted to address this. The first and foremost is the balance is off. I have done in depth studies in this area. Naturopathy, natural healing, and more. What I find the common denominator to be is the chemical and hormonal balance, which causes inappropriate behavior, hence the competition among them. When this is corrected, the real ability of women starts to flourish.

People would be very surprised to see the studies I have seen, and research done to reach this conclusion. I have studied cases of female behavior, and the main thing I found wrong was the balance internally. Which in turn affected their outlook, attitude, and personality. Hence the old saying, "she's just a bitch". Well, I disagree, she's chemically/hormonally off. Our bodies do not function without proper chemical balance. It has the delicate balance, much like the inner workings of a "watch". The inside must work precisely, for the outer shell to tell the time. One piece of the watch that's faulty will cause a whole chain reaction, and you will no longer have a working time piece.

The change of power is swinging to the other side now. It has been happening since I was born. I knew as a child this change would be upon us at some point. We are here now, and it will only get more intense as we go. I want women to know there is more support out there, and there are ways to heal themselves, and assume their roles in society. I'd like this corrected now...please...lol

Seriously speaking I know this can and will be done. I will be writing more and more things about women taking charge and healing the planet, wildlife and her people. This is my mission in life, and I'm not stopping. The power is there, and the women must utilize it, if we are to save our people, animals, and planet.

You are right quicksand...we start at home, where we already rule the roost. Now it needs to go to the next level of organizing the planet, and protecting the people and animals! Uniting women, and giving them the real facts enables us to progress further, faster.

A blood test and PH Strip gives me the facts needed to determine why a women is not functioning, over weight, generally ill, and or ridden with a host of problems. All of this can be corrected for less than a doctors visit!

gguy, thank you, and you see clearly to the change happening. Let's not get tangled in the frustration of waiting, let's join in and make it happen. Tell all women to check their nutrient levels, and hormonal balance. I cannot say it enough...this is where it starts, and goes awry if left to continue. Correcting this is like installing your full suit of armor inside and out. When this is off, you have chaos, and dysfunction...even criminal activity at times. I've also researched female criminals, and found the same common denominator...no balance of the chemical make up or hormones! It's the mathematics behind what you are saying wabond. This is why they do this, and do not know any better yet.

We will change that, and correct it. It's the mission. Women must be preserved, and assisted to get to the point of running the planet. Running the planet to where it is fully accepted by all inhabitants. The precipice is upon us, and the women will prevail in the new world.

gguy profile image

gguy 5 years ago from new jersey usa

BrainFire, articles like this that advise Women on how to correct imbalances are so important, but must come from a Women. If such statements came fron a male, Women would not trust it, and I don't blame them.Like you said, we are moving forward everyday and this hub is another step in the right direction.

BrainFire profile image

BrainFire 5 years ago from The Island Author

Hence the reason for the many hubs I have written about all of this healthy good stuff. Since I am living proof, and I am recognized as a nature guru of such...Who better to tell them, right? I already lived the dysfunction, and was able to identify major factors of how a body functions well. Once the balance is corrected, appropriate actions will follow. It really is mathematics, and it actually happens automatically. Someone lend me their lab quick! lol I can prove this beyond a shadow of any doubt.

Thank you for your support, and input. Greatly appreciated!

RealHousewife profile image

RealHousewife 5 years ago from St. Louis, MO

This is superb! I am going to have to read it again and take a few notes. I also love to cook and I use lots of tricks so my kids don't realize they are eating healthy food. I have three girls too:-). They still haven't picked up on the fact that I switched to whole grain pasta, they didn't notice the difference! Thank you!

BrainFire profile image

BrainFire 5 years ago from The Island Author

That is awesome! Thank you so much for sharing that:)

I too cook healthy, and my daughter knows nothing else. I have pictures of her noshing on raw veggies at 9 months old...lol She came home from kindergarten at age 5, and said, "Mommy, those kids were bouncing off the walls from eating donuts and cookies". I laughed hysterically with my Mother, that a 5 year old could even comprehend that. We're still laughing about it.

The point is, the children will adapt to natural health better than adults, they never miss what they didn't have. Turns out, I was right on with my math, and approach and she is the picture of health, and a natural born leader already at age 14. Glowing with health, and an energy everyone seems to love. I attribute this to naturopathy, and a veggie lifestyle. She is pleased too with everything I did to get her to this point, and fight to maintain her health. I went up against a lot of people to carry out my mission of how I wanted to raise her nutritionally. Without any formula, no sugar, no milk, no meat, no chemicals, etc. Much opposition, and fighting back then had to be endured to be here today... to tell you it worked...whew...what a mouthful. My fingers are smoking...lol

Thank you for visiting, and commenting. It's great to hear there are kindred spirits coming together:)

Be well, and lead on!

RealHousewife profile image

RealHousewife 5 years ago from St. Louis, MO

Oh I don't drink milk either - I haven't in years! Well I got my lessons early due to my oldest girls cholesterol levels. I began to have to really WORK at it to find healthy foods! There is so much crap out there!

Haha! Another family member thinks I'm a mean mommy because I don't allow much sugar foods (I.e. Candy, soda) a few weeks ago they had the girls for the day. The first thing they did was give the girls a great big candy bar! Then sodas - well it backfired! They were planning on keeping the girls overnight but found out what a SUGAR HIGH does to the girls!! She apologized and I made her deal with it:-) I don't think they will be doing that again!

crystolite profile image

crystolite 5 years ago from Houston TX

Great hub and a must read for all women.thanks for sharing

Bard of Ely profile image

Bard of Ely 5 years ago from Lisbon, Portugal

A brilliant hub, Dawn, and I totally agree with taking herbs, vitamins and supplements which I do when I can afford them. Ginkgo I never go without and take one a day and it stops me getting migraines. Vit B-complex I swear by is another I like to always have and I keep valerian for when I feel I need it. Voted up!

BrainFire profile image

BrainFire 5 years ago from The Island Author

Thank you RealHousewife, crystolite, and Bard! It's very reassuring to have support of people who care for other people. That's part of the point to the whole thing.

RealHousewife, I think there is a very valuable lesson there for the adults...lol Great story! Thanks for sharing it. :)

Thanks Bard, I too use it every day, it has stopped migraines I get infrequently within 15 minutes or less. Words cannot describe how beneficial, and important all of this information is. We are all connected. Whether you acknowledge it or not. We survive best by sticking together through Love, and unity as a people. Which is what we're knitting together right here, and right now.

Take care...and be well!

Mentalist acer profile image

Mentalist acer 5 years ago from A Voice in your Mind!

Women can solve problems more effectively through consent of two solutions,rather than choosing advantages of majority value over minority favor.;)

BrainFire profile image

BrainFire 5 years ago from The Island Author

Thank you Mentalist acer! Your visit and comments are greatly appreciated:)

I am very determined to get this information out to women...It is imperative they know the facts, and options to enhance their own lives, and be the leaders they were meant to be. A Matriarchy is a harmonic balance of life, which coincides, and is dependent on the planet as well.

By relaying this critical information to women, it empowers them to be able to have a choice, and accomplish much more in a shorter period of time. I really mean that, because I have been witness to the chaos caused in peoples lives when they are not balanced properly. Most if not all my studies in psychology, and criminal case histories brought me to this conclusion of the common denominator being the lack of chemical, and hormonal balance. It's a wedge in society that has been used as a tool by the opposition for centuries now. It's not known by the average person, and people generally do not connect to this happening to them. Hence the reason for the simplicity of the exercise, in this hub.

Once women find this information out, it will come natural to them for the duration. It's not the exception, it is the RULE. I am the living proof of this. I have all tangible data, and blood work to prove this.

Be well! Love and hugs to all!

BrainFire profile image

BrainFire 5 years ago from The Island Author

Wabond> The only reason why women would be jealous of other women is because they are competitive with other women. Competition seem to work for men, as competition seems to strongly motivate men but I'm not sure that competition is right for women.

This is the bi-product of what I am talking about. This is the public display and result that you have identified. The end product of long term neglect. Which is technical, not opinion. Long term neglect of your chemical balance leads to a host of complications ranging from emotional, mental, and finally to physical. It is complex, and intertwined and cannot function without each area being allowed to do it's part.

The inner workings of a watch is the best way to simplify it to really spell it out. If one part of that watch is faulty, it will not work, period. It's also a very delicate process of protocols. There is an exact mathematical equation for every part of your chemical make up. Every part of your body needs these equations to be at least near correct, (within range) to be able to function properly, for your mind, spirit, mentality, and emotional levels to respond appropriately, and accordingly.

Therefore what wabond explains, and elaborates on is the result and product of what I'm identifying here. What you finally see publicly is what he has defined. What I am identifying is prior to this, and how to nip it in the bud.

Much damage can be done in nutrient deprivation. As a matter of fact, many terrorists groups deprive their people of specific nutrients to enable easier brainwashing, in less time, from a very early age.

Women are the most important thing on the planet right now. Many people are unaware of the statistics, progress being documented, searches, and keywords, and so much more that I have personally been collecting for many years now. Our success has skyrocketed, and we ARE forging ahead. There is a certain momentum taking place, and the female warriors of the world, (like me) are jumping into action. Right on schedule I might add.

You are correct in what you say wabond, I just felt it necessary to clarify, the source, the initial equation of it's origin.

Thank you for your support, and comments, as always I truly appreciate everything you do.

Be well and be strong! Thanks Bard, gguy, quicksand, crystolite, realhousewife! Hugs:)

Spirit Whisperer profile image

Spirit Whisperer 5 years ago from Isle of Man

I have learned a lot from you in this hub and the comments that come after it. I think that is always the sign of a great hub when people really engage with the topic and tell you about their own experiences. I too am going to have to read this hub again and follow your advice.Thank you.

BrainFire profile image

BrainFire 5 years ago from The Island Author

Thank you Spirit Whisperer!

I lived to tell it! Not only do I study all nature (planet/human/wildlife) I was able to apply it to save my own life. Others have to know this! Once the women realize their health is so simple, a wave will come over everyone, and change will happen faster.

The idea is to work fast, and smart. Often I feel like I know the best kept secret, and I am forced to watch women around me suffer. I think sharing my success in beating illness is critical at this point, especially in lieu of what is going on right now. Everyone must prepare now. Women need to work together in harmony, to recreate things for the future. It's up to us, and the future is in fact women. Anyone can confirm this on their own, through research, etc..

Thanks for your kind words.

Cheers! Spread Love and Hugs!

Amy Becherer profile image

Amy Becherer 5 years ago from St. Louis, MO

Well, you just convinced me to restart the CoQ10. What do you think about B-12 injections? I want to take them. My bone and mineral specialist was anxious to get me on the once-a-year infusion for osteoporosis, which has actually improved since last year by 3.7%! She was ready to attribute the gain to Forteo injections, which she prescribed last year, but I declined to use. I take 50,000 units Vitamin D per month. She refused to write out a Rx for that until my bloodwork or B-12 shots, although she said they do no harm! I am very suspect of a doctor who will advise treatments that carry a "blackbox" warning, yet will hesitate to prescribe a natural vitamin that cannot be toxic. Thank you, brainfire, for this life changing piece.

BrainFire profile image

BrainFire 5 years ago from The Island Author

Thank you Amy!

I have been taking all of this, and religiously living my life as natural as possible. B12 injections are necessary. I too have many things to deal with as well. There are so many environmental factor in auto immune areas. Doctors are very ignorant to this, some know, but most disregard it.

I rarely talk to doctors about nutrition. I have had many B12 shots, and I also take B12 every day. I am happy we've been able to connect, and build a rock solid alliance of friendship and knowledge to be shared by many. Everyone will benefit from our existence. I am glad you are here, and I hope you get the most out of all the work I do. I love to spend my time helping others, and I don't have to know you to count you as very important! Thank you for commenting, and visiting. I will be visiting you and your hubs shortly.

I am on my way now to get blood work, I had food poisoning, and something is now off. I will certainly report all my findings when I get a copy of the report.

Thanks again, and count me as a friend for life!

Love and hugs to all!

Amy Becherer profile image

Amy Becherer 5 years ago from St. Louis, MO

Thank you, brainfire, when you feel up to it, let me know how you get your B-12 injectables. I just did an article for AMS, where I write for pay, on B-12 injections and I'm convinced that they only benefit and are incapable of harm. I did use the Forteo injections daily for one-year, but stopped as they made me so ill I lost 37 lbs. in two months. The doc insisted it was coincidence, but I believe they kicked up my digestive autommune disease. I now must take Pentasa @ (2) 500mg/4x per day! I've cut it in 1/2 recently. I take addl Rx meds to control symptoms. I am going to follow your suggestions to the letter and hopefully gain energy, health and verve to handle the issues life has thrown at me the past year with success. Thank you for your friendship and I believe being here is one of the most concrete steps I've taken to regain my life.

BrainFire profile image

BrainFire 5 years ago from The Island Author

Any time Amy!

I am meeting with a local nutritionist hopefully this week to connect, and to work with. I have been the medical/nutritional miracle experiment for over 30 years now...everyone will benefit from what I have been through, and what I've done about it to correct it. Since I only go by facts and math, I've found it to be the best scenario I can depend on to be accurate. It has not failed me once.

Once I've established my relationship with this nutritionist again, we will form a routine of blood work, and whatever I might be lacking now due to another case of food poisoning. I seem to get it no matter where I go, or what I eat. I believe it is due to cross contamination, and unsanitary standards of operation. I am not able to eat from deli's or any fast food places, ever. I'll dig up roots and gnaw on them before I would go to them.

I will be routinely monitoring my B's because we've seen in the past on blood work, I was not absorbing them properly. It was because of the previous case of food poisoning. It also depleted my folic acid levels so much so, I had to have a prescription for the folic acid in high doses. So once we have the blood work, that will tell me everything I need to know, in order to proceed accurately. Eliminating any guess work. I also think it offset my ph balance as well. So I'll be drinking lot's of grape, orange, apple, banana, mango, and papaya, pineapple, berry juice. She will then direct my doctors office, (Osteopathic GP) to give me B12 injections. I have always had B12 injections my whole life, even as a kid. I've also always gone to osteopaths too.

I have some hands on cases I can reflect on that I'v coached. Many of them had great results with properly balancing out the supplements based on actual mathematical need. As opposed to shooting blind and guessing. Everyone needs the general array your typical vitamins and supplements, and then individually they need what is pertinent to their family line, and their own particular defects. Everyone is defective, nobody is the same. Once you have your usual numbers, you monitor it through the blood work mathematically. You will then connect mentally with these results, and be able to feel changes, and become very aware of each bodily function as a whole.

This is the most logical approach when dealing with so many sources of contamination, pollution, radiation, pesticides, and so much more than I can list here. Many of the health problems that are present today are involuntary, and not caused by any of us. So we're just the pawns in the big picture. I happen to be one of the over educated ones, protecting the other ones. My mission in life.

I'll be back soon. Be well!

Love and hugs to all!

gguy profile image

gguy 5 years ago from new jersey usa

Amy, I am glad you had a chance to connect with Dawn, she is very knowledgeable on a number of different subjects that I think are quite relivent to you and should be helpful in your quest to get back to 100%.

I have seen you at your best,and it is a pretty site, confident and in control of the situation, the Alpha Female qualities that are becoming increasingly important today. Dawn is really awesome!!, and I think you two will be good friends!!

Dawn, hope you are feeling better, hope to talk to you soon!

BrainFire profile image

BrainFire 5 years ago from The Island Author

Thanks gguy! I'm feeling better today, went shopping at Trader Joes, after my blood tests. You are right...we will be good friends. I keep'em all for life! Be back later

Smiles, and hugs!

gguy profile image

gguy 5 years ago from new jersey usa

Thank you for your time Dawn, I know you are a busy Woman, glad your feeling better. Speaking of shopping, just remember even after we become a Female Centric Society, as it should be, you will always need us. Who else will carry all those shopping bags back from the mall? LOL

gguy profile image

gguy 5 years ago from new jersey usa

Dawn, I got food poisoning in Mexico in September, and it took me about 2 months to feel 100%.

BrainFire profile image

BrainFire 5 years ago from The Island Author

Your welcome gguy:)

I had eaten chinese food, and I'm not sure what it could have been that did this. Cross contamination is likely. We'll see what the results are. I try to be careful, especially with take out...but they got me...lol

I feel much better today, especially knowing a nutritionist will be troubleshooting it with me. I'll post what happens as soon as I learn the results. It has been about 2 months now. I'm curious to see what is going on. Some bacteria, and parasites can actually stay inside you, and you become the host. We host lots of things, and usually don't get sick. Apparently whatever it is, it's not friendly, that's for sure.

It's even more of a reason to balance out the body, so you can fend off things like this. I'm not bed ridden or anything, and I am certain it's because of balance management I apply as a whole. The liquid oxygen helps a lot too. I use Aerobic .007 from Life Industries, mixed with distilled water. I have been taking it since 1992, especially when something like this happens. I only have this problem if I eat out. I guess the answer to that is...don't eat out...again. I didn't eat in restaurants for a bout a 3 -4 year stretch, because I use to handle all the health dept's accounts. Unfortunately I witnessed way too much for my own good. It was traumatizing to see all my favorite restaurants on my list to litigate, or shut down. I'm still affected by it today.

The moral here is to eat quality foods that you witnessed being cooked properly, prepared yourself. It's the safest way from what I've found.

Thanks again for your support and comments. Cheers to real health!

Tamila Roberts profile image

Tamila Roberts 5 years ago from Canada

That's pretty interesting... But, somehow i'm not sure it really works. What do you base yourself on?

BrainFire profile image

BrainFire 5 years ago from The Island Author

Thank you for your comments Tamila.

I'm not sure what you mean by "What do I base myself on". I will try to answer you. (Reading my profile may answer this) I saved my own life through my research and studies. Through application of what I have learned, afforded me the opportunity to heal, and advance. Which is why I am sharing all that I have learned with the public. I believe if the facts, and mathematics of health issues are identified, people can make more intelligent decisions.

Although my case medically is extreme, and complex, one of the things I'm trying to point out is, enhancement can still be present. Despite all that I live with, I function better than most people that have no diagnosed illness. This methodology is mathematically based. Eliminating any room for error. When you pay attention to the math of your body, you are eliminating all emotion, thought, opinion, philosophy, and or hypothesis. When there is so much confusion it's best to simplify things with pure math to get the correct answers, and path to take. I am actual living proof that it works, without doubt. It's just math, it does not have to be complicated. The reason I focus so much on mathematics is because it eliminates all areas of debate. There is nothing to question, doubt, argue about, or debate. Math is non negotiable, and very cut and dry. You do the math...you get the answers beyond any shadow of doubt. It's the most logical approach in a world of mass confusion, and depression.

You can confirm what I'm saying by testing your pH levels, and doing the nutrient blood tests. Learning your own math is the path I am inviting you to take, for your own benefit, and optimum health advancement. I am merely handing you the tools, and facts to work with, because I care about everyones well being.

BrainFire profile image

BrainFire 5 years ago from The Island Author

BTW: I am a size 4, height is 5' 7", weight is 128 Lbs., and I can still wear pants from high school!...If that's not consistence, then I must be confused. My BMI is dead on, I have zero cholesterol, and my blood pressure is 110/70 steady. My numbers are so impressive, ER Doctors have actually apologized to me, via their preconceived notions they had prior to seeing my blood work! That's one up for our side folks!

Love and hugs to all!

BrainFire profile image

BrainFire 5 years ago from The Island Author

OK went to the doctor for blood work. Awesome numbers again! Western medicine calls it "normal". Meanwhile I had food poisoning which lasted about 3 months. Then 2 weeks ago I got poison ivy! eeeeek! It's all over me from a weed whacker. What do I do? I check my pH! It came in at 5.5! Yikes, that's too acidic. Guzzling OJ, and water with oxygen. 2 hours later, got it up to 6.5, whew...when you are too acidic certain things will intensify, like the lack of ability to heal on the skin, (among other things). Once I corrected the pH, the lymph fluid in the poison ivy rash began to heal. Of course I have to put calamine lotion on too, but the fact that my pH was off, (from the food poisoning) was what was hindering my ability to heal quick. You have to stay on top of your pH, constantly. Every single thing we eat, and drink, smoke, etc., affects it greatly.

When I was at the doctors office, I had mentioned I knew my pH was off, and coming in too acidic. Do you know...the doctor completely ignored me, as if I said nothing! I have learned over the years to keep my mouth shut with doctors, nutrition is a foreign language to them! It just reinforced what I already know for like 30 years now. As soon as I saw the non response from her, I shut up. The fact is, I DO know better, and will handle it myself. Here's the kicker, while she was ignoring me, (because I couldn't possibly know anything about my own body), she was writing a prescription for an anitbiotic: Bactrim, (sulphur based). I explained to her I had been forced to take bactrim for years during the malpractice case...again she ignored me, and handed me the script. I have poison ivy! There is no need to take antibiotics for this, unless some life and death scenario develops...I wouldn't even consider it. I have not taken any western medicine since 1992!

Anyway I zipped my lip, and left the office. Immediately throwing the script in the trash! I despise pompous, egotistical, presumptuous, ignorant western doctors. I merely USE them for blood work only. They WON'T acknowledge a person being in tune with their own body...imagine that!

I have no cholesterol, hdl/ldl, trig, all dead on! This is the truth you can go by!

The moral: I am fine! Duh! The calamine is working great, and I merely increased my garlic intake to cover me for infection, along with my cup full of daily vitamins, supplements, and herbs! Just Say NO!

gguy 5 years ago

Dawn, it's been a while since we spoke, I hope you are making progress on all fronts!!

BrainFire profile image

BrainFire 5 years ago from The Island Author

Thanks gguy. I'm not stopping:) Call me when ya have a chance!

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