Words To Make A Father Run...

I Run and Hide When I Hear These from My Kids...

Hi all. As a father of four teen kids (...uhhh...that's four TEEN kids...not "14" -- hehe), I have learned a few things over the years and just wanted to share a few morsels of words from kids that make me kinda.....disappear...*s

Here's a short-list of warnings:

1. "...uhhhh....Dad??..."

2. " ...oops...."

3. "Dad, can you....?"

4. "Oh No!!!!!"

5. "Where's Dad???"...

6. "Dad, I need..."

7. "Dad, are you able...?"

8. "Dad, do you know...?"

9. "I'm bored..."

10. "Can I drive?"

Just a short-note here today. Bear in mind that not ALL of these lead to a depleted pocket book, but some do. It's just to let you know some of the things that I have heard that make me find a quick exit sometime...heh

Maybe you have a few to "add to Dad..."?

Thanks for reading and the fun.

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