World's thinnest condom?

What is the world's thinnest condom?

Few days ago I had a debate with my friends about condoms. Some of them really hate them and don't like using them because the lack of sensation. That is a very stupid and unhealthy attitude in my opinion, and I don't think I even have to explain why. So, I asked them how about the ultra thin versions.

So, naturally, we started to wonder which condom is the thinnest? We had a few candidates (like Durex Sensi-Thin and Crown Skinless Skin condom), which we could recall from some advertisements, but we weren't sure which one is really the thinnest.

Few days later, another story about condoms reignited this doubt so I decided to see what the Internet says about that. After thirty minutes of research and with the help of Mr. Know-it-all (aka Google), I felt like an expert on the subject so I wanted to share my findings with the world.
So, dear condom users of the Internet, let me introduce you to the world's thinnest condom on the world....*dramatic music and drums on*

coming all away from Japan...

...made from space-age polyurethane

...alergy free

...proclaimed as "the biggest revolution in safe sex since pulling-out"

...measuring unbelievable and unprecedented thickness of 0,02 mm (20 microns)


*dramatic music and drums off*

Yeah, Sagami Original, baby. That's the way to go.

I was very excited reading all the specs of this fine product. I mean 0,02 mm. Ok, maybe it doesn't sound so shocking ...not until you read that the other ultra thin condoms are at least two times thicker.

Let's see what else is interesting about this condom:

- The packing of this condom uses the blister pack, like used for milk (I don't if that's good but it looks cool)

- it is odorless (unlike latex)

- ultra smooth

- resistant to oil so you can use both oil and water based lubricants (as you hopefully know, with latex condoms you will have to use water lubricants)

- ultra strong (bursting test shown it is 3 times stronger than regular latex condom)

- long life (they can be stored for 10 years, but I hope this won't be an important fact for you ;) )

So, I wondered what about some other condoms that are marketed as the thinnest. Let's take a look at the Durex Sensi-Thin for example.
If you take a closer look you will read that they market it as the "world's thinnest LATEX condom". And it is 0,048 microns thick. Crown is also marketed as the thinnest LATEX condom, it's thickness is 0.047mm, by the product declaration.

As you can see, ultra thin latex condoms are 2 times thicker than our winner - Sagami Original 0,02.

So where to order it? They are not so widespread, but happily they have it on Amazon.

And what about thick condoms?

Some of you may be interested in thick condoms, as they have their advantages as well

We don't deal with them in this hub, but you can find out more here - thick condoms.

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5 years ago

Protex 0,02 non latex condoms deserve a shared first place

fun1 5 years ago

You said it yourself, those are made of polyurethane. You're comparing it to latex. It won't be as resilient as a latex condom, so cross your fingers!

Peter 5 years ago

do you know what's the size (length and width) of the Sagami Original? I would like to add it to my condom size chart

rope.ricu profile image

rope.ricu 5 years ago Author

@S tnx for the share, didn't know about that one. but as I can see it's a bit thicker - from 0.025mm to 0.028mm...?

@fun1 - I think there's no need for worry, if you're using it properly :)

Mr. Know-it-all :) 5 years ago

I found some thinner actually. 0,015 mm.

Pasante Unique Condoms.

Commenter 5 years ago

Pasante are like getting a piece of siran wrap and putting it on you.

MPA 4 years ago

The writer of this blog must be a female or a guy who can barely last 2 minutes during sex. For the rest of us guys, we don't like condoms because they reduce sensitivity to the point you can't keep an erection. Hello? Erection? Do you know what that means? Without friction, men cannot maintain an erection OR if they can they cannot cum and then they lose the erection.

Whoever can make the thinnest material wins. All men want is to feel what is going on when we are in there. If you are a virgin guy and/or only last less than 2 minutes, you shouldn't really care.

Now that I know about super thin (and even micro thin) condoms I will find them and use them religiously.

I don't any STD's or any more babies.

Tee1120 4 years ago

I think Durex to me is the #1 condom, high sensation to be exact. I also like Trojan Magnum, not for the size but the feel of the condom is great. I definitely have done my homework to say the least. The best way to find your favorite condom is by trying a condom express sample pack. My older brother bought me one for my Bday. It comes with 50 different condoms for $15 or 100 for $25. Most of my friends go to for condoms because they are super cheap.

thatguy 3 years ago

You really should update your website. For everybody, Trojan now sells Trojan Supra condoms made from the same material (polyurethane) that are the same thickness on average (0.0027) which nobody is going to notice the "7" on the end when having sex I assure you. Also buying these in a local store for around $6.95 instead of having them shipped from Japan on Amazon for $22.00!!! and waiting a month for them to ship is a huge benefit. Do the research guys and it will "pay" off. Hope this doesn't affect the wbsite owners kickback from promoting Sagami ;)

thatguy 3 years ago

Just messin btw...wanted to give a heads up and thank for the research. We all appreciate it. The search continues for the invisible, unnoticeable condom lol!!!

john 3 years ago

supra is .0027" = 0.06858mm 3.4x thicker than sagami

okamoto skinless 2000 & 3000 are .015mm

rope.ricu profile image

rope.ricu 3 years ago Author

John is right, Supra is 3 times thicker!

but I checked that fact about skinless 3000 with the distributor from Japan...this is not correct, they are thicker than sagami and have been on the market for 20 years...

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