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I recently re-watched the movie Troy recently. I enjoy an action movie as much as most people. But I started to wonder about some of the concepts behind not only that movie, but many others, Love. In the movies love is often so perfect and ideal. Any problem can be overcome. The formula in many movies is that the hero either needs to rescue his love, or something comes between them and they have to reconcile.

So why is it that in the U.S. the divorce rate is so high? Do the movies set a good example of what you should do in the name of love? Never give up, work on your relationship, no problem is so bad that you can't get through it together.

Or do the movies set a bar for what a relationship that is so high that it can't reasonably be attained? After all, in the movies almost everyone is very attractive, often they have a good job, or if not they have a wonderful personality and they are all willing to work on their relationship once they get a little "push" in right direction.

In the movie Troy the entire country of Greece goes to war with Troy over the lost love of Helen. Who's beauty was so legendary that many people today would still associate the words "Helen of Troy" with a woman of unimaginable beauty. Also in the movie, the stone cold killer, Achilles, falls in love with a woman causing him to risk and ultimately lose his life trying to protect her.

And yet in the real world, at least half of all couples seem to get divorced. And why is that? What changes from the moment that you are so in love that you want to spend the rest of your life with some one, to that point that you can't stand to be around them? I think the biggest change is our own attitude. Many people can't get enough of the early parts of a relationship. It is a game, where you are playing with the emotions of another person. You start out feeling like you have one when you make that person happy. Sadly, many relationships end trying to make the other half as miserable as possible.

All relationships go through tough times and trials. Rather than giving up, fight for that love and that relationship like it actually means something to it, or like it used to mean to you. What do you think about this subject? Why does it seem like most people would rather just give up than work on a relationship that they had once nourished?

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Tina Kachan profile image

Tina Kachan 5 years ago from Europe, Croatia

I would and I have. But I think it is also crucial to know when it is time to give up.

Adventure Colorad profile image

Adventure Colorad 5 years ago from Denver,CO Author

There is a time to give up, but I think many people think they have reached that point too soon. A dead relationship can't go anywhere, a broken relationship can be mended.

Tina Kachan profile image

Tina Kachan 5 years ago from Europe, Croatia

I agree. Probably because people are now mostly financially independent, believe that there are plenty other "fishes in the seas", then you have dating sites..Why bother with then with that person? It is easier to move on to the next one.

On the other hand, I have actually the opposite problem.

I don`t know when to let go :)

Adventure Colorad profile image

Adventure Colorad 5 years ago from Denver,CO Author

There can be a time to let go, some of it depends on the investment you have in the relationship. I wouldn't expect someone to devote the same effort to a short dating relationship as a marriage that has lasted a decade or more.

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