You Can Never Go Bak

You can never go back
Or take back tha words
Erase tha things you said and did
Tha damage is done
You words they cut like tha knife I pulled
It fukd u up
That much is tru
I played tha fool
Played with ur heart
You said it from tha start
But I didn't see it that way
All it took was one day
To kill everything u felt
All that you were hiding inside
I lost it all
And still you tried
To give me ur all
But something wouldn't work
Somethin wouldn't let us work
Maybe its not our time
Timing is everythin
Cause there's no doubt in my heart
You're tha one for me
I pray that in time we'll be
What you dream of
And that i wear ya ring
Share ya name
Nothing will ever be tha same
I will never be that again
You tought me so much
Gave me so much
So much of yourself and energy
Time you can't get back
I jus want you back
Layin next to me
Layin on me
I'm sorry I was tha one
To bring hurt upon you
Never ment to do anything to you
Now alone I sit
And slowly tha tears fall
Memories of you throughout this place
Your towel, your toothbrush, tha cup you left next to tha bed
Pieces of you all around me
I don't jus want pieces I want all of you
Sorry I caused you pain
And betrayed your trust
I really do want it to be jus us
I didn't even get a kiss good bye...


Astra Nomik profile image

Astra Nomik 4 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

Gosh what a heart breaker poem. Oh I hope he sees this and realises what a great person you are. Love your style and the way you keep it like street style words, it is more real... more visceral in the words it's meant to be spoken as.

I am glad to be a fan too. :)

NikiDiva profile image

NikiDiva 4 years ago from Atlanta, Ga Author

Thank you so much. Your feed back means alot

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