You never get over a Loved One's Death, How You just have to except it.

Coming to Terms of your Loved Ones Death

When I first get the news that someone I love and care deeply about has died my heart just stops. I completely go into a different state of mind. I am in shock and what usually follows is disbelief and blood pressure skyrockets. I usually do not cry right away because I try sort things out in my head. Its kind of weird in a way because when I do cry its just happens without warning. I could be driving and a stop light and then I think of my loved one and just start crying. It might just be for a few seconds but I am crying. You can try to hold it in but if you really truly love someone that's just not possible.

Everybody has there own method of coming to terms with their loved ones death. There is not a wrong way and how you do it will come naturally. Some people cry instantly some hold it in, while others pretend that it never really happen and get upset when you even talk about it. I sure you have seen hundreds of other ways people deal with their loved ones deaths.

If you have trouble dealing with your loved one's death its some times good to hand out with mutual friends and talked about your loved one or friend. Sometimes being alone is OK but being with others who loved them makes everything a whole lot better. I myself seem to prefer being alone and I am amazed by some of my friends and relatives who seem to handle the death way better than I can.

The thing to remember about death is it going to happen to all of us and how we deal with it changes as time goes on. I know now that I am older I not as scared of dying but one scared about the ones that I will leave behind. I know that we do not know when are time will come but it will come and what we do here in life it just a blink of an eye in terms of how long the universe has been around.

Never Get Over the Ones we Love

Sing Praise
Sing Praise

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ClareBaros 7 years ago

I like this page. Good points. The ones that love us strong are the ones that help us hold on in the journey where we belong . . . I lost a collie dog I can't tell you how much I adored that I didn't cry for until months later. It hit me when I was listening to a song about wolves and I cried and cried for thirty minutes until I felt full again. When my grandmothers were gone that made me feel so belonged, God gave me a beautiful family with which I could carry on . . . God bless you on your journey past your loved ones where you will belong.

devsir profile image

devsir 6 years ago from Earth

Well Expressed

shellaperlasviray 5 years ago

This is true, my dad pass away two years ago.Although the whole family already moved on , there are days and moments in our life that we wishes that he is still alive.

kia31 profile image

kia31 5 years ago from Los Angles Author

Sorry Shella, It can be hard.

Jacelyn  5 years ago

I lost my husband at sea in october /2010 and i cannot go on ...all i do is cry and blame myself .....because if i would of stayed for a trip with him he would not have been on deck

kia31 profile image

kia31 5 years ago from Los Angles Author

Jacelyn, You cannot blame yourself it will be hard for you and my prayers will be with you. Jacelyn I have always believed when its your time to go its your time its nobody's fault but the pain will always be there you just have to go on and do what you do.

annie 5 years ago

I lost my father around 8 and a half years ago and now the grief is taking toll on me. Affecting me personally and professionally. What should I do?

kia31 profile image

kia31 5 years ago from Los Angles Author

Annie, my heart goes out to you, no it is not easy you must find someone that you can talk to and help you with your grief. You and your father must have been close. I do not know all the answers but considers a a professional or a Clergy person to talk and help you cope with your grief. My prayers are with you.

simpsonsfan11 5 years ago

my auntie died yesterday and i cant stop crying shes beeen wit me my hole life and she got shot in the head.i cant stop crying. :.(

jennifer 5 years ago

My mom passed away 1 month ago. I am so busy looking after my dad I haven't cried at all. What's going on?

sandra 5 years ago

I had a fight with my bf and next thing i hear about is he committed suicide... i am stuck here in my life.. i dont know what to do...

aaliyah 4 years ago

my auntie died 6 years ago i was 10 and i had to be the one to see it :,( and last year my baby cousin died (still birth)

Jenna 4 years ago

I lost my sister.. My life will never be the same

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