You never know what's up

 I was going through the day and there was so much negative energy in the air.  People complaing about everything from hating their jobs, their kids, mates you name it.  I was kind of getting annoyed because I just wanted to have a nice day.  As the day went on, I began to relize that almost everyone had much deeper issues going on then the ones that they were complaining about.  I know that is usually the case but at times I forget that fact.  We never really know what is going on in someones life.  Many are dealing with money issues, sickness and relationship problems.  So many vent about other things rather than address what the real issues are.  I am going to try to remind myself that although at times it seems like people are just being unappreciative of life that they may be dealling with some other things. Instead of getting upset I am going to try to just show them a little kindness.

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creativelycc 6 years ago from Maine

So very true!

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