About Divorce Mediation

Divorce Mediation

A question that many couples ask who happen to be going through the divorce process is: Does divorce mediation work? By all accounts, it is a productive way to handle the lengthy process that often can be handled contentiously. Divorce mediation has been gaining in popularity in recent years, even though it has been around for decades. The mediation works quite simply and many people that have experienced say that it works quite effectively. You and your spouse will sit down in a room with a independent mediator that is not biased towards either side and essentially the person will act as an impartial referee. The purpose of sitting down with your spouse is to settle issues peacefully and out of the courtroom. With a mediator present, you are given someone who is familiar with your case but that does not take a side.

You are welcome to bring a lawyer with you, although many couples prefer to sit down one on one with just the mediator to hash out the differences that way. Among the issues that you can discuss with the mediator are monetary issues, custody issues, property disputes, and actual terms of the divorce. What occurs during the mediation remains strictly confidential and either spouse can exit the proceeding whenever he or she would like. The most important thing that divorce mediation accomplishes is the fact that your divorce can be resolved relatively peacefully and you and your spouse are in control of what happens, not lawyers. In today’s day and age, lawyers all too typically run the show during divorce and you are left paying a lengthy legal bill. When children are involved or a lot of property, it is in your best interest to sit down with just your spouse and a mediator to wade through the details and find a common ground.

Divorces are notorious for ending up with a large amount of acrimony and bitterness between former spouses. By using a mediator, you will be able to find a way to work with one another and possibly remain on cordial terms. If you are considering a divorce or are currently engaged in that process now, it is certainly worth considering whether or not you want to sit down with a mediator. Talk to your spouse and see if they are willing to go to the meeting and work out your differences with a nonbiased party and each other. Odds are, you both will be happier with the results of a divorce mediation than with a court battle. 

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Debbie Jelinsky 7 years ago

I tried this crap and it did absolutely nothing. In fact, it made us hate each other even more. Thankfully, my lawyer was extremely helpful and I got more than I was entitled to, leaving my bald, cheating husband with nothing more than debt! GET A GOOD LAWYER AND SCREW THIS KUMBAYA NONSENSE.

pepperlynn76 profile image

pepperlynn76 6 years ago from California

I disagree with Debbie. If you enter the mediation already hating on each other, then yea this is not the best solution. My ex and I entered this route with full intentions of being civilized and we would even discuss issues over the phone before we walked into the office so we could save money. The longer you sit there arguing, the more you are gonna be charged by the hour. It worked out great for my ex and I and saved us a ton of money that would have been in costly lawyer fees. Only cost us about $1000.00 total and that was 4 "meetings".

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