A Few Love Poems To My Man

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I have been writing poetry and short stories since I was a child. Throughout my school years I enjoyed many writing assignments of plays, essays, poetry...

I also enjoyed developing programs for organizations for birthdays and special occasions and writing the poems and salutes to be read or memorized.

To this day I still find such relaxation and enjoyment in doing so.

Here are a few love poems to my man, I would like to share with you, as I have shared with him.

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I'll Reach You

From the cb,

To the cell phone,

From the email,

To the text.

If my communication device ever fails me,


Snail mail will be next.

If all phone lines are ever busy,

And the power won't let me charge,

Just remember all the times I've called,

From travels near and far,

To say I love you Baby

And can't wait,

To be where you are.

Debbie T. Alsup

I'm Glad

I'm glad you're my husband,

I don't tell you that enough,

Your wet kisses

Still melt me

Even when your whiskers are a little rough.

Your strong arms,

Though bulging muscles not in tack,

Still hold me,

Oh so strong

And keep me coming back.

Your handsome smile,

Still meets me,

As I enter in the room,

Sometimes it makes me

Want to go back out,

And come in again

Real soon,

I still feel like the school girl,

the first moment that we met,

I knew it was you,

you knew it was me,

there were no others,

To give us a threat.

I'm glad you're my husband,

Let me tell you that today,

Oh yeah,

And I wouldn't have it,

Any other way.

Debbie T. Alsup

Just Like That

When I lay down without you,


I have to cry myself to sleep.

I close my eyes to smell you near me,

To feel your warmth upon my cheek,

I often sleep in your t-shirt

to feel your body next to mine,

I cant wait till you come home

One more time.

Soon the war will be over

Everything will be back on track

I'll love you,

You'll love me

We'll lay together

just like that.

Debbie T. Alsup

Dance With Me

Dance with me my love,

my head upon your chest,

swing me far,

dip me low,

you know how I like it best,

Lets turn the music loud,

our universe alone

no kids,

no cars,

no tv,

no cell phone.

Mouth to mouth at best,

recalling as we move,

steps from the past,

songs of today,

looking forward as we grove,

to the oldies,

planning our future moves,

Play me an old song,

never take me from your arms,

hold me close, forever,

I'm still mistified by your charms,

Dance with me my love.

Debbie T. Alsup

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BIGCSSHOP profile image

BIGCSSHOP 6 years ago Author

Thanks so much ameliehub I'm a romantic at heart and so is he.

ana 6 years ago

The best poems ever..Btfffffffffffffl

BIGCSSHOP profile image

BIGCSSHOP 6 years ago Author

ana, Thanks so much for visiting.I am sooo glad you enjoyed the poems.

joanna o 6 years ago

o my god ths poems r th bst eve my man s so gna lov thm...

BIGCSSHOP profile image

BIGCSSHOP 5 years ago Author

Thanks joanna, I'm soooo glad you truly enjoyed them, please visit again soon.

chymz 5 years ago

great poems ever.. love it.. i can use this to my husband..

BIGCSSHOP profile image

BIGCSSHOP 5 years ago Author

chymz, your husband is lucky to have you, someone who wants to share even more love by using poetry.Thanks for visiting.

guest 4 years ago

i love these poems they are coming exactly from your heart this is pure love to your man!life is the bigest gift u can get till today,and love is just a beatiful gift someone could give to you.LOVE is beatiful and PURE!!

BIGCSSHOP profile image

BIGCSSHOP 4 years ago Author

Hi guest, Thanks for visiting. So glad you loved the poems!

angie 4 years ago


BIGCSSHOP profile image

BIGCSSHOP 4 years ago Author

hey angie, thanks soooooooooo much for commenting.

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