A Father’s Touch

A Father’s Touch

He lumbers through the room like an immense leviathan
Consuming everything as he hulks along.
He is the voluminous, Bull-in-the-China-shop -
A behemoth blind to the destruction left in his wake.
As he flexes over the sleeping infant, I fear the damage he may incur.
But, his touch is white-glove soft as a snowflake in March.
His giant, rough-hewn hand becomes velvet - chiseled fine & smooth as
Alabaster caressing his tiny son’s sleeping head.
Oh! The power of father-love.

The mammoth colt frolics through the room like a lumbering lummox,
Tearing up the space as he goes.
He is a sinuous, pubescent gargantuan -
A spring storm in full throttle.
As he encircles the old man, I fear the end will be bloody.
But, his touch is smoky-fog on a summer morning.
His massive, reptile paw turns to gossamer, peach fuzz
As he returns a long-remembered caress.

Oh! The power of father-love.

by Annette Gagliardi

A new father admires his son.

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Tom Rubenoff profile image

Tom Rubenoff 7 years ago from United States

You captured it! Marvelous.

agaglia profile image

agaglia 7 years ago Author

thanks, tom

agaglia profile image

agaglia 7 years ago Author

I always want to cry when I read this one. Father love is such a great encompassing emotion.

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