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my ant ex boyfriend told the family he was gona take me to clean and apartment for 50 dollar he...

offer me a drink i pass out he brough me home 8 hour aftr i think he rape me how can i prove it he been sendin tex message like i love the way your body smell im so scare i told my family but it hurts me because i just rememer him kissin my back and i cold do nothin the i woke up with my close on like nothing happen i could remember nothing and he brough me to my ant house 8 hour after he told them that at the house he took me the old lady were drinkin and i got drunk i feel so bad because i cant remember but i know he didi somenthin to me i want to know if there anyway i could prove it .

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Troyjones345 says

6 years ago
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Levertis Steele says

4 years ago
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Patricia1958 says

6 years ago
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