Hi,I was wondering if u cud help me. I read ur article abt if a girl likes u..actually I m in lov

m in lov wid a gal who is kind of frnd I knw thru family, now I talk wid her in facebuk, she comes n every tym talks wid me, recently I askd her number but she did not reply my msg n the other said I was bit busy, since then I dint reply her o talk wid her, m confused if she likes me o not n wat must I do in order to impress her or make her like me, m confused, I really like her n want her, she said I was busy so cudnt reply ur msg, but since then I dint talk wid her, today also shee came online but I dint reply her, m not sure, I guess my ego is hurt coz she dint giv her number,plz help i

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5 years ago
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4 years ago
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