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Can a relationship work with kids from a previous relationship without resentment?

Im 26 yrs old and have 2 children from a previous relationship. Ive been in a relationship now for 4 yrs. At first my kids were back and forth between their father and I, then circumstances happened and that had to change to where they have been with me 24/7 ever since. Now my bf is saying he doesnt want to be with someone who already has kids but he really cares about me and doesn't want to lose me. He's there for them if they really need him but it almost seems as if he's afraid to get too attached. Is there any way possible this relationship will ever last between him and I?

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your cybersister says

5 years ago
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lostohanababy says

2 years ago
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Emerald Strachan says

5 years ago
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