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Have you had an interesting, funny or scary experience with online dating services?

When I was using different services, I actually had really good experiences. Some of the women I dated had some interesting stories though. By the way, I just got engaged to my "Match". I went on the the service to check out my new matches and there was an old friend I hadn't seen in years and we were matched. We got together to "catch up" and we are still catching up. It worked out well for me, but I have to believe there are some funny stories out there.

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Best Answer StricktlyDating says

4 years ago
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JSimple says

4 years ago
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    Chris Mills (cam8510) 4 years ago

    I suppose the profile your ex placed on your behalf was not of things you would have put there. I was sitting in front of a coffee shop waiting on a date to arrive.She did a drive-by and checked me out.When she came back she claimed to have been lost

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