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What do you think about women pastors and why do you think that what you think is true?

I am a pastor and lately I have been getting a lot of flack from men about being a pastor. However, I firmly believe that the bible is speaking of women who were in a church yelling for their husbands to ask questions and were told to be quiet, and that the man will tell them when they get home. Especially with most of the women spoken of in the bible being prophetesses and a judge. I believe that a woman can be a pastor because they get the call the same as men do. What do you think?

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Best Answer Starmom41 says

4 years ago
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Sue St. Clair says

4 years ago
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    Kayte 2 months ago

    Let me explain why Paul said that. The church was made up like a colloseum. On the first two levels were all the men and up top where the women with their children. The women would then yell down to the men to get the sermon that was heard by the men

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mjkearn says

4 years ago
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