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Why do some religions disapprove/condemn using protection in love life even in these modern days?

We have recently been to some lessons for engaged couples in our local church before we got married and we were shocked to find out that our religion still states we are not allowed to use any protection in our relationship. Isn't this a bit outdated nowadays? I don't want to start a fuming fight between religious and not-so-religious people with this, but please do share your opinion! And of course, please respect those too whose opinion differs from yours. Thank you!

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Team Wiseman says

4 years ago
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Sophie (zsobig) says

4 years ago
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    Sophie (zsobig) 4 years ago

    Ohh, okay, sorry I misunderstood you :).

    Still, I hope someone who is deeply religious will once answer my questions, as I really want to be opened to every aspect of life and to understand these views.

    Thanks for commenting!

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Sammy Koskei (Samkoskei) says

4 years ago
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