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(for men) Would it turn you off if a girl showed a little liking to you?

Say for example, you are going a date, online or offline, and you like the girl. You've been exchanging emails, messages, etc, for a quite while, and then the girl give you a little sign of liking to you. How would you take it? Would it turn you off? Would you not think that the girl is too easy to get? Or do you like it too?

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dashingscorpio says

4 years ago
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    Julie Nou 4 years ago

    wow, that's a great relief. yea, i always wonder if playing too hard would rather lose the person instead of getting him. But i would still love to hear it from the others. So thanks again! :)

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Ryan Meyers (RyanMeyers) says

4 years ago
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Bernard J. Toulgoat (austinhealy) says

4 years ago
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