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Have any two hubbers become romantically involved in a lasting relationship?

There is a such a wonderful eclectic community of writers on hub pages, given we are getting close to Valentines, I am curious whether writing for hub pages has created any lasting romances between two hubbers?

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Cristina (Stina Caxe) says

3 years ago
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Sunil Kumar Kunnoth (sunilkunnoth2012) says

3 years ago
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BeccaBunnyBoo says

3 years ago
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  • MarieAlana1 profile image

    Marie Alana (MarieAlana1) 3 years ago

    I love that! Do you guys have the same interest and find each other writing about the same things? or was it opposite things? I'd love to know more....

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ExpectGreatThings says

3 years ago
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  • Lizam1 profile image

    Lizam1 3 years ago

    Ha ha ha, it is a great little story. Seems like "they" broke up :-(

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