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Do we make gods of people which may eventually cause them to abuse their power?

With so many situations where people are abused or killed while in police custody, shouldn't each of us take some of the blame? At some point, we watched a police detective movie or television program and left with the feeling that the character was a savior or was godlike. This type of treatment, may have caused some police officers to lack humility and feel superior which eventually lead to abuse of their power. We must acknowledge that each of us have contributed to some problems, whether through violence, racism or the prejudgment of each other. We must learn to be humble and show love.

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dashingscorpio says

22 months ago
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    Claudette Coleman Carter (Angelladywriter) 22 months ago

    Love and humility demonstrated by each of us, could be a place to start without even addressing the issues of blame or whose at fault. We are all imperfect and make mistakes. Let's not be so quick to judge or disregard each other's feelings.

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