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What a beautiful image, photo, and motto to live by? Single women be encouraged for this is true.

I stumbled across this photo/saying and thought how true. Acting like a queen means preparing yourself as a whole person. Obtain your education/training and live on the economic level you desire. Spend time with your friends and take a girls trip at least one a year. Be a good person, develop spiritually, and volunteer.Manage/grow financially.Make time for family; remember your mom/dad, aunts/uncles, grandparents won't always be here. Make sure your grooming, dress(wear dresses), and house is kept clean .Learn who you are and what you want. Spend time w/young kids, it will soften your heart

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20 months ago
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20 months ago
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    realtalk247 20 months ago

    What? Really feenix. Yeah okay

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