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What Do You Do When Someone Clueless Has An Opinion About What You Are, Do, or "Should" Do?

Most of us know, either before or at, reaching adulthood what all the "rules that sound good" are and what all the "rules" about having a healthy/positive attitude is. There's nothing special about knowing all those "rules to live by". People spout them off all the time and imagine themselves to be coming across as mature and responsible. When the "spouter of good-sounding" (but clueless/misguided) rules is clueless about what you are, do, have done or deal with; do you dignify their ignorance with an explanation or just let them spew?

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James (Johnny James A) says

6 months ago
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    ME Whelan (WordCrafter09) 6 months ago

    A spin-off question might be, "What does one do when the spewing is done behind one's back?" I won't ask it - just saying it's a spin-off kind of question for someone...

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Lane Olinghouse (Copper Man) says

6 months ago
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