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we were together 4yrs.everything was ok i thought.but she broke up and had someone on the side

have done all i know to show her my love is still strong.i have done this for the past 4months.i have not called her in 2 months.but she callsme once a week.just to see how its going and just life.she tells me not to call her or tex....her that she will keep in touch with lay low...that she didnt want any ?? from the guy shes liveing with....i tell her you must love him....she says why do you say i love him? she never gave me the answer.....i dont know if shes felling guilty for fooling around or she relizes its not so green on the other side......i also ask her do you feel like you me

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StricktlyDating says

7 years ago
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AnthonyMalibu says

6 years ago
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