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So i've dated a girl already it was a round 4 or five months, and we just argued too much and...

broke up. Then she dated a guy about a month after me for around seven months and then he started dating another girl and they broke up and dont really talk that much now. We've never really quit texting or talking. She asks me about girls when i date one. She always finds out somehow. And we've texted more lately and last weekend she called me and wanted to spend time together, just me and her. It was really random. And when she asked me if I still liked her I said yes, and she responded that isn't a bad thing... Would it be a good time to ask her out on a date again or no? Or just remain fri

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Teenage Dating - Texting. Fighting, & Going Out88

Teenage Dating - Texting. Fighting, & Going Out

7 years ago
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6 years ago
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5 years ago
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